Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Intel answers AMD in court
It's still early in AMD's antitrust suit, but sordid tidbits are bubbling up in an Intel document filed in U.S. District Court.
Thursday September 01, 2005 02:00PM PDT

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IT eNews in your Inbox - September 1, 2005 - VoIP 2.0 Gets Closer

Internet Telephony eNews

NMS Developer Conferences: Full Speed Ahead

September 01, 2005

Feature Story

VoIP 2.0 Gets Closer
By Rich Tehrani
To me the most amazing change in the competitive landscape since I decided to launch Internet Telephony Magazine in 1997 is the mainstreaming of VoIP by major players in the market. Back then...

Meru, Juniper Deliver Wireless VoIP
By Johanne Torres
Meru Networks partnered with Juniper Networks to co-market wireless VoIP products and...

Skype's Most Excellent Developers
By David Sims
What do Jybe, Gizmoz, Pamela Basic, Spontania and Yabber Nut have in common, besides being good names for...

Infonetics Releases Carrier Router Report; Cisco Leads
By Greg Galitzine
Worldwide service provider router and switch revenue reached $1.8 billion in the first half of 2005, up 10 percent from...

Latest Headlines

Tekelec Continues Next-Generation Switching Leadership
Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC) on Thursday announced its recognition by Dittberner Associates as the worldwide market-share leader for media gateway shipments and the second-largest market-share leader in...

ANI Networks, Inc. Selects Sonus for Next Generation Network
Sonus Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: SONS), a supplier of service provider voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure solutions, announced on Thursday that ANI Networks, Inc., a provider of long distance services for the resale and facilities-based wholesale...

Skype Signs up First Mobile Network Partner
Skype, a global Internet communications company that offers free phone calls to anyone with an Internet connection, on Thursday announced a partnership with E-Plus, Germany's third largest...

3Com to Deliver Internet Protocol Contact Center Solution for Enterprises
3Com Corporation on Wednesday announced that it is expanding its Convergence Applications Suite with the introduction of the new...

NMS Developer Conferences: Full Speed Ahead
NMS Developer Conferences: Full Speed Ahead
NMS Communications, a leader in enabling IMS and fixed-mobile convergence applications, is hosting Developer Conferences in Munich (September 14-15), Boston (November 7-8) and Bangkok (December 7-8). Admission is free. Imagine and create innovative products and solutions in record time - with vital assistance from NMS.


IPv6 Is out There. Is Your Network Ready for It?

IPv6 presents long overdue enhancements to IP. But with transitional methods in use today, it is likely that IPv6 traffic is already present on most networks. Therefore the security threats due to IPv6 exist in the network whether enterprises and service providers choose to adopt IPv6 in the short term or wait for critical mass. This whitepaper addresses these concerns and introduces you to an end-to-end solution for moving to IPv6.

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Do You Provide Outsourced Call Center Services?
If so, we want to hear from you. Customer Interaction Solutions magazine speaks regularly to a core of large, mostly U.S. domestic teleservices agencies. We love them and they love us. At the same time, we are aware that there are many

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Learn more about building communication solutions through IP telephony and services.

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Shorten time-to-market with Media over Packet (MoP) technologies and solutions.

Latest Blogs

SonyEricsson Gets Into VoIP

First Coffee for Sept. 1, 2005

The Most Attendees

Report Puts Cisco Ahead of the Pack

First Coffee for Aug. 31, 2005

Google Ads: They're Not Just for Web Sites Anymore

September 1, 2005

Sponsored by Adobe

Adobe Partners in Publishing Conference and Expo, September
27th, in San Francisco.

Join us for a true partnership of practical, efficient and
creative publishing solutions:

It's the can't miss event for Creative, Management/IT and
Print Professionals.


In This Edition
1. News: Google Ads: They're Not Just for Web Sites Anymore
2. Opinion: Don't Let the GENI Out of the Bottle
3. News: QuarkXPress 7 to Demo at Seybold
4. Opinion: Photo Review: Having Fun With Photoshop
5. News: Users Sing About Opera, and Swim, Too
6. News: OpenOffice Beta Isn't Ready for Business


Publish World Update
1. News: Google Ads: They're Not Just for Web Sites Anymore

The king of search already revolutionized the Web with
pay-per-click. Now it's reselling ad space in print magazines.
Are we entering a brave new world for print advertising?

2. Opinion: Don't Let the GENI Out of the Bottle

A new initiative--dubbed Global Environment for Networking
Investigations, or GENI--may want to build censorware into
the Internet.

3. News: QuarkXPress 7 to Demo at Seybold

QuarkXPress 7 will need to match or beat Adobe InDesign
features to stay in the desktop publishing game. The first
public demo will take place at Seybold Chicago in September.

4. Opinion: Photo Review: Having Fun With Photoshop

Understanding paper-size ratios, perfecting the art of
retouching photographs of women and a look inside Photoshop
User magazine.

5. News: Users Sing About Opera, and Swim, Too

The minority browser's 10th anniversary finds its founders
optimistic, especially regarding mobile applications.

6. News: OpenOffice Beta Isn't Ready for Business

A new version of 2.0 is being released for
beta testing this week, the second beta release of the free
software available for computer users. But the software is
not--repeat, not--recommended for production use at this

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Finally: Wi-Fi Cameras

Wi-Fi Planet Newletter
Thursday September 01, 2005
The Source for Wi-Fi Business and Technology

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itSMF USA Conference & Expo 2005

1. Finally: Wi-Fi Cameras
Nikon beats Kodak to the punch with new 5- and 8-megapixel cameras using 802.11 to
transfer photos.,1v1w,1,5dyw,e0mi,ff69,9abz

2. VoWLAN Poised for Huge Growth
With key standards in -- or soon to be in -- place, the stage is set for wireless VoIP to
take off in a big way.,1v1w,1,jr96,fvph,ff69,9abz

3. Hotspot Hits
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: T-Mobile extends free Wi-Fi offer for hurricane
victims; MyConnect offers inexpensive hourly rate; Boingo adds 36 airport locations; and

4. Juniper Markets Meru
Meru's latest partner gives the VoWLAN vendor a leg up in enterprise security.,1v1w,1,arrd,2ony,ff69,9abz

5. AirMagnet Attracts Fortress
The security company will resell a version of AirMagnet Enterprise for wireless intrusion


Sharing, Learning, Growing - Measuring ITSM Excellence
With 5 keynotes, 7 tracks, and 63 break-out sessions, there
is something for everyone involved in IT Service Management
in Chicago this year! Sept. 19 - 23, 2005. Includes
3-day conference & expo followed by training classes.
Get Less Theory & More Reality. Official event of itSMF USA
Register early and save!


1. Wireless HD Gaming Over UWB
Pulse~LINK and Analog Devices say the combination of their technologies is a low-latency
boon for gaming and beyond.,1v1w,1,di5e,g1ar,ff69,9abz

2. Selling Wi-Fi Phones with a Difference
Small Florida company Y-Tel is betting on the world embracing VoWi-Fi -- but is targeting
areas with little or no Wi-Fi infrastructure.,1v1w,1,fr2t,gl4i,ff69,9abz

3. Motorola Mesh Helps Drivers
Currently helping race car divers, the Motodrive mesh could someday help every commuter
on the road.,1v1w,1,9j6b,jsjj,ff69,9abz

1. Netgear Super G Wireless Router -- Security Edition
The WGT624SC isn't the first broadband router to include a software firewall, but two
things set it apart from previous combos: a one-year license to Trend Micro's application
and integration between the hardware and software.,1v1w,1,c59c,ksve,ff69,9abz

2. WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5w
The Firebox Edge X5w is designed to be an all-in-one wireless firewall and VPN appliance
for your small network. It promises to do it all, and it delivers.,1v1w,1,j8w,hlxa,ff69,9abz

3. Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router
Combine the best range/throughput features of an Atheros chip with smart beam-forming
antennas, and you've got this small and slightly expensive device that will reach all
areas of your home.,1v1w,1,ccfk,11c8,ff69,9abz

1. RF Math Made Easy
When working with wireless LANs, you’ll eventually need to perform some RF
mathematics. These tips will make conversions much easier.,1v1w,1,jhld,hwgb,ff69,9abz

2. Two Firewalls Too Much of a Good Thing
One Internet connection and two computers each running firewall software can mean PCs
that refuse to talk to each other. Here's an easy way to break down walls. Plus,
diagnosing the cause of a dysfunctional wireless network.,1v1w,1,9l5b,dr8w,ff69,9abz

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Sun's Open-Source DReaM

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DRM Watch Earthweb Network

Sun's Open-Source DReaM
Published September 1, 2005
Sun Microsystems announces an ambitous alternative to both proprietary DRM technologies and closed consortia.

PlayLouder Gets License from SonyBMG
Published August 23, 2005
A UK firm offers broadband internet service and unlimited shareable downloads, now with major-label content.

Microsoft Previews DRM Directions for Windows Vista
Published August 23, 2005
Output Content Protection mechanisms promises to significantly beef up content security on the PC. But will content providers use it, and will users rebel?

Book Publishers' War with Google Heats Up
Published August 18, 2005
Google offers publishers greater discoverability of their text content; publishers accuse it of copyright infringement.

McGraw-Hill Chooses Zinio for EBooks
Published August 18, 2005
A player in the moribund e-periodicals market finds new life in e-textbooks.

Blu-ray Group Announces Content Protection Strategy
Published August 11, 2005
One of the two rival factions for next-generation DVDs takes a three-pronged approach to security.

Wurld Media Launches Peer Impact Music Service
Published August 11, 2005
The first "legitimate P2P" service with major label content relies on viral marketing techniques.

Major Publishers Pilot EBooks on College Campuses
Published August 10, 2005
Leading educational publishers try a cautious approach in offering electronic alternatives to expensive textbooks.

Two New Developments Point to Loss of OMA DRM Momentum
Published August 4, 2005
A PC software application and a mobile phone content bundling deal indicate Microsoft's progress in the mobile market. Will OMA DRM suffer?

Enterprise DRM -- Technology Comparison: Authentica Active Rights Management and Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services
Published July 13, 2005
A new white paper that describes two important DRM technology platforms used for enterprise applications such as regulatory compliance and security of sensitive corporate information. (HTML version now available.)

Macrovision to Acquire TryMedia
Published July 27, 2005
Macrovision expands its presence in the gaming DRM market.

SignetX Provides Outsourced DRM for Financial Analysis Software Vendor
Published July 27, 2005
The implmentation for DecisionPoint Software shows a market for ASP-delivered DRM services... after all.

Two New Books on the Copyright Wars
Published July 20, 2005
Reviews of J.D. Lasica's 'Darknet' and Pat Choate's 'Hot Property.'

iMesh gets Sony BMG Music License
Published July 13, 2005
Another P2P file sharing service uses acoustic fingerprinting to go legit.

DRM for Sony PSP Hacked
Published July 7, 2005
Another DRM-related embarrassment for Sony.

ODRL Initiative Publishes Creative Commons Spec
Published July 7, 2005
A step towards rapprochement in the copyright wars?

Valeo IP to Shut Down
Published July 7, 2005
An online content licensing service for publishers runs out of steam.

Supreme Court Decides Grokster Case for Media Industry
Published June 28, 2005
A stunning, unanimous reversal, and a new standard of liability for marketing technology as an infringement tool.

DRM Strategies Conference Finalizes Program
Published June 28, 2005
An outstanding lineup of speakers and panelists, July 27-28 in New York City.

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