Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Basel IT Cost Higher Than Projected

Computerworld Finance
August 31, 2005


Intuitive and Robust Patch Management

In response to the patching challenges confronting corporate IT
departments, Symantec created LiveStateTM Patch Manager, specialized
software that provides automated control over patching operations
across the enterprise. Symantec LiveState Patch Manager is closely
aligned with requirements defined by patch management best practices
and is a core module of Symantec's LiveState software family.


In this issue:

* Basel IT Cost Higher Than Projected
* Fishing In The Data Pool
* Outsourcing Leaders Speak Up
* IBM Unveils Four-Way Server
* Report: Spyware Eyes Bigger Bucks

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The Future of IT -- What are the future trends, and what are successful
companies doing now to guide this future? Register to view the live
webcast using the link below.

Basel IT Cost Higher Than Projected

Users and analysts expect Basel II compliance to cost far more than
expected, and fear few benefits will result.,4902,104212,00.html?nlid=FIN


Fishing In The Data Pool

Who's Who in IT: Systems and programming manager Shawn Mahoney talks
about his job at Foremost Insurance.,4902,104143,00.html?nlid=FIN


Outsourcing Leaders Speak Up

Chalre Associates' Richard Mills, on the scene in Manila, finds some
offshore outsourcing managers who are willing to talk openly about
their experiences.,4902,104151,00.html?nlid=FIN


Network Documentation Tool

netViz gives you depth into your business and IT like you've never seen
before. Learn more in this informative white paper.


IBM Unveils Four-way Server

IBM announced the xSeries 260 server, which is based on Intel's
64-bit "Cranford" Xeon MP architecture and designed for remote offices
or storage-intensive applications.,4902,104141,00.html?nlid=FIN


Report: Spyware Eyes Bigger Bucks

Spyware is getting more dangerous and has become a greater threat for
the enterprise, according to the latest quarterly state of spyware
report from Boulder, Colo.-based Webroot Software.,4902,104135,00.html?nlid=FIN



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