Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Blog Readers Younger, Richer Than Average Web Surfer

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August 16, 2005


IDC White Paper: Why Consider Oracle for Business Intelligence?

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work. Businesses are undergoing a
fundamental shift in the way they make decisions. Learn how Oracle
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In this issue:

* Blog Readers Younger, Richer Than Average Web Surfer
* Lessons For Google In Netscape Downfall
* Google Provides Opt-out For Publishers
* Firefox Lost Market Share In July To Internet Explorer
* AOL To Launch New Storefront For Mobile Users

Blog Readers Younger, Richer Than Average Web Surfer

They are are also more likely to shop online, connect to the Internet
using a broadband connection and visit more sites, making them an
attractive demographic for advertisers.



Lessons For Google In Netscape Downfall

Unlike Netscape, Google has profitability and a sound business model on
its side, but experts say you should never underestimate competition
from Microsoft.



Google Provides Opt-out For Publishers

Facing criticism and copyright concerns, Google will let publishers
decide what books are scanned and not scanned.



The Grid Computing Glossary

Like any technology, grid computing has a specialized lexicon of terms,
acronyms, and concepts. This comprehensive glossary provides a
definition of grid-related terms.



Firefox Lost Market Share In July To Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser halted the steady market
share advance of The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser last month,
according to NetApplications.com, a Web site monitoring company.



AOL To Launch New Storefront For Mobile Users

A user will be able to configure the site to show him the products and
services that his existing mobile device and service plan support, or
more broadly, the service plan and device options available in his
geographic area.



Our Hottest Security Tips

Risk -- it's everywhere. And no one knows that better than IT security
professionals. Disgruntled employees, fired employees, clueless
employees who succumb to social engineering, passwords left on Post-it
notes, wide-open instant messaging and increasingly powerful hacker
tools in the hands of teenagers. This bulletin will help you address
those risks with sage advice for protecting corporate assets in a
dangerous world. Get this report free for a limited time, compliments
of IronPort.

Download the free Computerworld bulletin, compliments of IronPort.




Ready to implement Disk-based backup?
Quantum's DX100 won StorAge Magazine's Best Backup Hardware Product of
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Way better than backup! - Continuous Protection
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Data Storage Consolidation: Free White Paper
ESG reports that over 75% of enterprise data resides at remote or
branch office locations. Learn how you can extend storage consolidation
savings and deliver centralized IT services and higher performance to
your end users with this free white paper.

Free Forrester WAFS Technology Report
Learn how Wide Area File Services (WAFS) deliver LAN-like data access
across your WAN, and enable global storage consolidation for the
distributed enterprise. Get Forrester's insights and the criteria you
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Applications Go 25x faster with Solid State Disk
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