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CA Security Hole Points To Data Backup Threats

Computerworld Storage
August 8, 2005


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In this issue:

* CA Security Hole Points To Data Backup Threats
* Q&A: EMC's Tucci On Security, Storage Virtualization
* IBM Starts Rollout Of Network Appliance's NAS Boxes
* Toshiba, Clariant Develop Prototype For 30GB Recordable HD-DVD
* Adelaide Bank Drops Novell In DR Overhaul
* Western Digital Stretches Out Warranty Life On Hard Drives
* Apple Apps: A Look At IChat AV, Updated XSAN 1.1

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Backup, backup, backup!!
Appliances enter the mainstream

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Analyst Research: The Clipper Group on CLARiiON AX100

Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers.

CA Security Hole Points To Data Backup Threats

Computer Associates released patches designed to fix a security hole in
its data backup software. But the vulnerability is an example of the
weaknesses that are giving malicious hackers an opening for attacks
against systems via backup tools.,4902,103743,00.html?nlid=ST


Q&A: EMC's Tucci On Security, Storage Virtualization

EMC CEO Joe Tucci said the company is addressing the security concerns
of customers with a mixture of in-house technologies, partnerships and


IBM Starts Rollout Of Network Appliance's NAS Boxes

IBM, which is teaming up with Network Appliance in the network-attached
storage market, introduced a low-end device made by NetApp and said it
will add more models in the fourth quarter to replace its own NAS


Toshiba, Clariant Develop Prototype For 30GB Recordable HD-DVD

Swiss chemical company Clariant and Japan's Toshiba have developed a
dye that enables 30GB dual-layer HD-DVD-R discs.,4902,103717,00.html?nlid=ST


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Most companies are planning big investments in business intelligence --
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Adelaide Bank Drops Novell In DR Overhaul

Adelaide Bank Ltd. in Australia has completed its new disaster recovery
infrastructure and is migrating its open systems from Novell Inc. to
Microsoft Corp.,4902,103735,00.html?nlid=ST


Western Digital Stretches Out Warranty Life On Hard Drives

Western Digital Corp. has increased the warranty period of some of its
hard drives by standardizing all enterprise drives to five years and
desktop and notebook drives to three years.,4902,103732,00.html?nlid=ST


Apple Apps: A Look At IChat AV, Updated XSAN 1.1

Columnist Yuval Kossovsky takes a look at Apple's iChat AV, which he
believes will "revolutionize the way we communicate," and at the latest
upgrade for xSan, which he calls "Apple's most important enterprise
offering of 2005.",4902,103720,00.html?nlid=ST


Keeping the Customer in View
How well do you know your customers?

Accurate customer data directly impacts loyalty and business planning,
yet few companies update data regularly. Experts address the challenges
of ensuring a consistent, coherent customer view across the



Backup, backup, backup!!
Learn from others' mistakes, not your own. That reminds me I haven't backed up
my email in way too long, even though some has been permanently lost in crashes
in the past.

Appliances enter the mainstream
For reasons I spelled out almost three years ago, appliances dominate the
security software market.


Ready to implement Disk-based backup?
Quantum's DX100 won StorAge Magazine's Best Backup Hardware Product of
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