Monday, August 29, 2005

Canon Updates the PowerShot Line

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* Canon Updates the PowerShot Line
* Sony Announces the Walkman Bean
* Zotob Worm Could Squirm onto Windows XP
* Logitech Introduces Wireless Music Solution


Canon Updates the PowerShot Line

Canon went all out with announcements last week, introducing
nine new cameras in every category, from the entry-level A410
to the high-end, pro-level EOS 1D Mark II N. In the compact A
series, Canon will be keeping the PowerShot A510 and A520 and
adding three new cameras: the A410, A610, and A620. The 3.2MP
Canon PowerShot A410 ($149 list) is the entry-level model, with
3.2X optical zoom, 14 shooting modes, and a 1.5-inch LCD. It
records Motion JPEG video, but without audio, and runs on AA
batteries. Find out more here:


Sony Announces the Walkman Bean

Sony has announced a new flash-based MP3 player called the
Walkman Bean. The 1.6-ounce player comes in two memory capacities,
512MB and 1GB, and four colors: Licorice Black, Cotton Candy
Pink, Coconut White, and Tropical Ice Blue. It includes an FM
tuner, but no recording capabilities, and has a one-line
display. Find out more here:


Zotob Worm Could Squirm onto Windows XP

From eWeek:

Microsoft has warned that the Zotob worm could start squirming
through certain configurations of Microsoft Windows XP SP1
(Service Pack 1). The worm, which squirms through a flaw in
the Windows PnP (Plug and Play) service, has wreaked havoc
on unpatched Windows 2000 machines, but new information
suggests some Windows XP users could also be at risk. More
is available here:


Logitech Introduces Wireless Music Solution

Logitech has announced three new wireless products built
around the proprietary Logitech Music Anywhere technology,
which streams music from a PC or portable music player to a
home stereo. The Music Anywhere system uses adaptive frequency
hopping to avoid interfering with existing wireless services,
and, since it doesn't use 802.11 frequencies, can't be used
for other home-networking purposes. Find out more here:


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