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Cisco Expects IOS Upgrade To Ease Management Of Switches

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August 29, 2005


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In this issue:

* Cisco Expects IOS Upgrade To Ease Management Of Catalyst Switches
* QuickStudy: Protocols
-- Sidebar: The Internet Protocol Stack
* VPNs Gain With Users; Frame Relay Declines
* Treasury Reopens Bidding For $1B Telecom Contract
* Brief: HP to Resell Emulex Host Bus Adapters
* Brief: Symantec Buys Sygate Technologies
* Ham Radio Can Help In Emergency (Letter to the editor)

Computerworld Blogs:

* Active Directory design distilled
* Milestone: IP PBXs will eclipse traditional PBXs this year
* "Innovative" but potentially DANGEROUS alternative
* Microcode Attacks!

Other Resources:

The Future of IT -- What are the future trends, and what are successful
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Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers.


Cisco Expects IOS Upgrade To Ease Management Of Catalyst Switches

Cisco Systems is making the Internetwork Operating System software that
powers its Catalyst 6500 switches more modular. The move is aimed at
reducing the time it takes users to install software upgrades and
speeding up restarts of the switches.,4902,104216,00.html?nlid=NET


QuickStudy: Protocols

A protocol is a set of formal rules that describe how devices or
software can exchange information with one another across a computer or
communications network.,4902,104165,00.html?nlid=NET

-- Sidebar: The Internet Protocol Stack

An explanation of the Internet Protocol stack.,4902,104167,00.html?nlid=NET


VPNs Gain With Users; Frame Relay Declines

IP virtual private networks continue to swell in popularity among
users, with shoemaker Stride Rite and bowling-alley operator AMF among
the latest converts. But the growth of VPNs is helping to fuel a fall
from favor for frame-relay technology, according to networking



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Treasury Reopens Bidding For $1B Telecom Contract

The Treasury Department is once again seeking bids for a $1 billion
communications contract, after determining that existing GSA contracts
failed to meet its needs.,4902,104203,00.html?nlid=NET


Brief: HP to Resell Emulex Host Bus Adapters

Hewlett-Packard Co. has agreed to resell Emulex Corp. Fibre Channel
host bus adapters (HBA) with its blade servers,4902,104065,00.html?nlid=NET


Brief: Symantec Buys Sygate Technologies

Symantec Corp. has agreed to acquire Sygate Technologies Inc., a maker
of software that enforces enterprise network security policies, for an
undisclosed price.,4902,104073,00.html?nlid=NET


Ham Radio Can Help In Emergency

Letter: Amateur radio can help keep you in touch with the world in an


The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B RFI

This guide helps you identify key requirements and consider all the
factors necessary to meet tactical and strategic B2B requirements.



Active Directory design distilled

Over on A Plumber's Confessions, there's a post about designing an Active
Directory implementation in 90 seconds. Well OK, it might take you 10 minutes. 9
to read the post and 1 to do the design. At any rate, a great read for anyone
who's been trying to wrap their head around AD design for their ...


Milestone: IP PBXs will eclipse traditional PBXs this year

IP telephony isn't just an emerging technology now -- it's emerged. According to
research firm In-Stat. The IP PBX has reached a new stage of maturity with
shipments of IP lines expected to exceed those of traditional PBXs this year.
While the total PBX market is forecast to grow by a compound ...


"Innovative" but potentially DANGEROUS alternative

There is a new offering for storage being placed on the market. While it may
sound intriguing on the surface, it could be a dangerous means of storing data.
In eWeek, an article discussed a new product offering (StoreGrid) by Vembu
Technologies that allows organizations to take use of ...


Microcode Attacks!

Those who recover disk drives know how easy it is also to destroy them. This
week's column, Awaiting the PC Killers, discusses the possibility of using such
knowledge to create highly destructive viruses. The topic first came up while I
was speaking with disk drive experts while working on ...


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