Wednesday, August 17, 2005

CW Emerging Tech: The New World Of Application Devleopment

Computerworld Emerging Technologies
August 17, 2005


Can BSM find candidates for Performance & Capacity Management?

Anyone involved in IT for a reasonable amount of time understands the
IT industry is cyclical. This Webinar explores reasons why there's a
renaissance in the data center. Could it be the solution for the 21st
Century lies in combining Performance and Capacity Management solutions
with Business Service Management?


The New World Of Application Development

Ten years ago, programming wasn't easy, but the task was relatively
straightforward: You wrote code to meet the requirements document, the little
bit of collaboration you did was with IT people just down the hall, and
regulators hadn't discovered IT process controls. Now, as the Disney song says,
it's a whole new world. In this special report, we've identified three
megatrends that are dramatically changing the way application development teams

It's a new and challenging world for developers these days, as they grapple with
SOA, code reuse, global collaboration and regulatory compliance. Find out how
IT leaders are coping.

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