Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Daily: Catastrophe Bonds


Catastrophe Bonds
Liz Moyer
Yet another reason to hate hedge funds: They may not be making money on Katrina, but they aren't losing any.

In My Opinion
Fuel For Thought
8.31.05, 5:04 AM ET - Robert Malone
With diesel prices soaring, the U.S. is heading for a logistics breakdown.

Straight Up
Growing The Instant Company
8.31.05, 8:15 AM ET - Tom Taulli
Do startups still need incubators? If they want help in commercializing they do.

Adviser Soapbox
Big-Screen TV Brawl
8.31.05, 5:04 AM ET - David Mentley; Mentley's Display Technology Investor
Competing big-screen technologies are slugging it out at retailers. Here's an investor's ringside guide.

Business In The Beltway
Tackling Ticking Bombs
8.31.05, 10:43 AM ET - Matthew Swibel
U.S. military contractors are pushing technology to target roadside bombs.

Creative Labs' Bait And Switch
8.31.05, 8:14 AM ET - Danit Lidor
The company gets attention by implying that Apple infringes on its patents, then talks up its own products.

Ivorian Conflict Takes Toll On Region
8.31.05, 8:12 AM ET - Oxford Analytica
Recent setbacks in advance of the planned October elections threaten to return the Ivory Coast to civil war.

Digital Media
With 25-Song Cap, ITunes Phone May Underwhelm
8.30.05, 5:19 PM ET - David M. Ewalt and Peter Kafka
Apple, fearful of cannibalizing iPod sales, may underdeliver on the long awaited iTunes phone.

Special Report
Big Surge In RV Sales
8.31.05, 6:58 AM ET - Tom Van Riper
The RV industry, beset by high gas prices, gets a shot in the arm from Hurricane Katrina.

Stock Focus
Stock Focus: Long, Long Shots
8.31.05, 8:34 AM ET - Rachel Barron
Analysts think that by 2007 these money-losing, speculative companies will have turned the corner.


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