Monday, August 29, 2005

Daily: Spitzer Settlement Not Going To Investors


Settlement Splurge
Liz Moyer
Little of Wall Street's settlement with Eliot Spitzer will ever go to investors. But it is getting spent.

Snapfish, Walgreen In Digital Picture Deal
8.29.05, 12:04 AM ET - David M. Ewalt
HP's Snapfish is latest to entice digital shutterbugs to print, rather than share for free, their photos.

In-Store Photo Printing Making A Comeback
8.29.05, 12:04 AM ET - Danit Lidor
An IDC survey shows that digital camera users are increasingly using retailers to print their photos.

Video: Avoiding The Crowd
8.29.05, 6:00 AM ET - Robert Lenzner
Money manager David Dietze of Point View Financial uses a "meat-and-potatoes" approach to stock picking. The rest is gravy.

Adviser Soapbox
Stock Split Decisions
8.29.05, 12:03 PM ET - Richard Moroney, Dow Theory Forecasts
With stocks like Google and Valero in the stratosphere, should investors buy in anticipation of a split?

Income Inequality Threatens Growth
8.29.05, 5:03 AM ET - Oxford Analytica
Income disparity in the U.S. has repercussions beyond "have and have not."

Financial Services
How The Banking Settlement Got Spent In Georgia
8.29.05, 5:03 AM ET - Liz Moyer
One of the most interesting uses of the settlement money: helping to get a politician on the tube.

Vehicles Feature
World's Fastest Cars
8.29.05, 9:54 AM ET - Dan Lienert
A look at cars that can go 202 mph or faster, and we bet you haven't heard of most of them.


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