Friday, August 26, 2005

Datamation Product Watch - Daily HTML Newsletter, Fri Aug 26

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Namescape Corp. Provides an application platform that allows for the creation of searchable and editable Active Directory-based catalogs. Now with help-desk password reset capabilities. Aug. 26, 2005

 Fiber NICs
Transition Networks, Inc. Facilitate desktop PC connectivity to fiber networks in PCI (standard and low profile formats) and PCMCIA flavors. Aug. 26, 2005

Banner Software Inc. Provides model driven test data in support of Allfusion ERwin and ER/Studio (enterprise editions). Aug. 26, 2005

DesktopStandard Corp. Collection of MS Group Policy extensions provide automated group management and deployment capabilities. Now with centralized reporting component. Aug. 25, 2005

 CDB Studio
dbBalance Ltd. Multi-function platform for comparison and synchronization of heterogeneous databases, and migration of structures and data between the databases. Aug. 25, 2005

Newisys, Inc. Toaster-sized NAS or DAS appliance is Linux based and offers up to 2 TB of raw storage for small businesses or branch office deployments. Aug. 24, 2005

 TrustPort Phoenix Rebel Workstation
DEK Software International. Security platform consists of an antivirus program, personal firewall, encryption application, digital signature and on-line encryption tools. Aug. 24, 2005

Nexsan Technologies. Disk-based archive content storage platform features encrypted data and automated retention periods. File storage is via CAS; access is via NFS/CIFS. Aug. 23, 2005

Panda Software. End-point security tool scans VPN-1 Pro client machines for compliance to security policies before allowing a connection. Now available. Aug. 23, 2005

 ZENworks Suite
Novell, Inc. Policy-driven management platform for servers, desktops, and/or handheld devices. Features the ability to manage Windows workstations and/or Linux machines from a centralized Linux server. Aug. 23, 2005

 Commerce Management System
Truition. Enables enterprises and mid-market organizations to outsource core E-Commerce functions from a single hosted platform. Aug. 23, 2005

Quester. E-mail-to-Fax Gateway for Microsoft Outlook and AVM FRITZ. Aug. 23, 2005

 Proximity Functions
Peter's Software. A set of Microsoft Access modules, forms and controls that developers can use to add functionality to their Access applications without programming. Aug. 23, 2005

OraIT. Monitoring and Tuning software for Oracle databases. Aug. 23, 2005

 Spy Sweeper Enterprise
Webroot Software, Inc. Centrally managed spyware detection and removal software for Windows server/client based networks. Aug. 22, 2005

Ping Identity Corp. Implement Web single sign-on and attribute exchange with "pay-as-you-succeed" pricing. Aug. 22, 2005

 dBASE Plus
dataBased Intelligence, Inc. RAD database environment includes the Borland Database Engine. Latest release includes support for Windows XP Visual Themes and Styles. Aug. 22, 2005

 Sygate Enterprise Protection
Sygate, Inc. Provides network access controls and host intrusion prevention capabilities for endpoints. The successor to the vendor's Sygate Secure Enterprise. Aug. 19, 2005

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