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Desktops & Monitors [PC Tips and Tools - 08/29/2005]

Desktops & Monitors
August 29th, 2005
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"Hardware Tips: Ten Quick Tips to Keep PC Trouble at Arm's Length":
From backup strategies to easy maintenance routines, these tips help
keep your PC humming along.,aid,121209,tk,dmx,00.asp

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"Download This: Tune Your PC, Surf in Tongues":
Whip a slow system into shape--plus, identify mysterious text with a
fun freebie.,aid,121912,tk,dmx,00.asp

Ultimate Boot CD v3.3:
Run diagnostics from a CD with this freebie, not from your ailing hard

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Dell Dimension 9100 Desktop:

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Top News From PC World

* Intel's New Chips Run Slow and Cool
New chip-making architecture borrows design philosophies from Pentium
M processors.,aid,122299,tk,cx082405a,00.asp

* Google Gets Into Instant Messaging
Called Google Talk, the service will feature voice communication

* Check out all of today's news...,tk,cxA,00.asp


Special to PC World:

PC World has teamed up with Lockergnome to bring you even more great

Each Monday, we will feature downloads hand-picked by Chris Pirillo,
editor of

This week's picks:

dotBookmark v1.0.48 [2.3M] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]
One of the reasons I dont like using more than one browser is the
fact that it is too hard to synchronize my bookmarks between programs.
Because of that fact, I use Firefox most of the time and Internet
Explorer only when I have to. If there was a program out there that
would keep track of my bookmarks between programs or between computers
and keep them up to date and synchronized, Id have to figure out a
new reason why not to use IE. The folks at dotBookmark hope to give me
that reason. This program acts as the middleman when it comes to
browsing your bookmarks in two different computers. Some of the
features included are: Toolbar Menu: The dotBookmarks' view is the
same that you use to see every day when you are browsing Internet. It
is organized as the tree structure with folders and bookmarks, and
looks like a feature of your browser. Add Bookmark: If you find an
interesting Web site, you can add its address to your bookmarks very
easily. Add the description to note what the site is about. Bookmark
Property: Every bookmark has a name, link, and description that you
can edit any time. Organize Bookmark: You can move the bookmarks and
folders and change the order by dragging and dropping the items. The
data will be "magically" synchronized on all computers and opened
browsers when you finish organizing. Import Bookmarks: You will not
lose your Firefox Bookmarks or Internet Explorer Favorites when you
start using dotBookmark. It is very simple to import your data from
any computer. Every time you do the import, the data will be added to
your existing bookmarks on our server. Unicode support: You can use
any language to name your bookmark, folder, or add to the description.
I am not sure if I like the fact that I have to depend on
dotBookmark's servers to be up and running so that I can get my
bookmarks. Also, it seems like Firefox is not really supported just
yet, but it is in the works. Until then, you might as well try this
free program and let its creators know what you think.

Angel Writer v3.0 [1506K] [Win98/ME/NT/2k/XP] [FREE]
Angel Writer is a rich text editor that allows you to create formatted
documents and save them in RTF, TXT, or HTML format. It offers all the
standard word processor features, including support for tables,
images, font styles, Web links, and more.

MapleXP v0.7 [1.5M] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]
We all work on projects of every size and shape. A lot of us work on a
lot of projects via our personal computers. If you fall into that
second camp, you know how quickly time can fly by when you are
pounding away at your keyboard. That is where MapleXP comes in.
MapleXP helps you keep track of how much time you are spending, so
that you can better organize your life. MapleXP is a freeware
application that gives you back the ability to track lots of projects
(business or personal) and organize how much time goes into each of
the tasks you do. Each project can be split up into a tree of tasks,
which allows for better tracking of your working time. Now that you
know how much time you are spending, you can better plan for jobs or
tasks into the future with similar projects. This program might not be
for everybody. For us control freaks out in the world though, it is a
must have. I always have a hard time tracking how my time is spent
from one project to the next. Now at least I know what all that time
went into.

virtualPhotographer v1.44 [274K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]
virtualPhotographer is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that enables you to
apply a variety of color filter effects to your images. It includes
dozens of black and white styles, as well as color effects that can
add drama and impact to your images. Each effect can be further
customized, including options for film grain simulation, contrast
adjustment, and REG filters. Your settings can be saved, and you can
also download additional sets from the Web site.

CIS Smart CD-Menu Creator v1.0.0.37 [5687K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]
CIS Smart CD-Menu Creator provides an easy to use interface that
allows you to design a simple CD menu dialog that will automatically
start when the CD is inserted. The dialog offers 4 customizable
buttons that can launch a document or executable. You can further
customize the interface with background images or color, and also add
your own logo and custom CD icons. The program saves the complete set
of files including autorun.inf, ready to be burned to CD.

Visit for more downloads and information
about Chris Pirillo.


* Reviews *

* Take Your TV Anywhere
Sling Media's Slingbox allows you to watch your home TV from anywhere,
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* Print Snapshots Using Your TV
Sony's DPP-FP50 Digital Photo Printer lets you forgo the PC for a TV.,aid,121928,tk,cxb,00.asp

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* PC World's Back-to-School Guide: Reviews and Pricing on
Back-to-School Gear
Check out PC Worlds Back-to-School Guide for the latest gadgets and
gear for school year survival. Weve designed this guide to help you
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Reviews and pricing on school year survival gear - laptops, desktops,
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