Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Developer Shed Weekly News for 2005-08-16


August 17, 2005








The Soap Box

The headlines have a lot of people asking if FireFox has reached its maximum user base. Last month, FireFox users declined somewhat sharply, down 0.67%. Internet Explorer and Safari gained a little share of the browser market.

While this is a turn around from FireFox normally stealing users away from IE, it seems hardly noteworthy in context. Barely more than half a percent loss does not spell doom for FireFox by any means. Not only are these figures hard to gauge, but getting excited over small fluctuations is rather alarmist. And certainly Mozilla is planning to make more aggressive advertising campaigns now that they have formed a company.

Also of interest to internet users, spam as we know it is in jeopardy. You can see how to protect your mailbox and how to lend a hand to the cause down in the Weird and Cool feature at the bottom of the newsletter.



Technology News

Is Firefox Caged? Are headlines spelling doom for FireFox?

Bellsouth, Napster agree to marketing deal DSL and music sharing program team up.

Finally, Fiona Apple Ends Musical Hiatus Apple releases new tracks to the internet.

  Weird and Cool

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Database Interaction with PL/SQL: Sub-programs in Depth by Jagadish Chatarji, 2005-08-16 -- Read tips on using procedures together with the introduction to functions. Read the full article here.

Organization Methods Beyond Sizers by Peyton McCullough, 2005-08-15 -- Use sizers to organize widgets, making them easier to locate and use. Read the full article here.

Pragmatic Guidelines: Diagrams That Work by Apress Publishing, 2005-08-11 -- Make sure UML diagrams can be understood by others. Read the full article here.

Building Object-Oriented Database Interfaces in PHP: Processing Data through Data Access Objects by Alejandro Gervasio, 2005-08-10 -- A new category of tools, database interfaces, help to solve object-oriented problems. Read the full article here.

Getting Remote Files With ASP Continued by Justin Cook, 2005-08-16 -- Learn how to send remote binary files, multiple files, and additional information with only ASP and XML. Read the full article here.

Introducing the ASP.NET Web Matrix by Dan Wellman, 2005-08-15 -- Read about the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Project. Read the full article here.

Object-Oriented Programming Applied: A Custom Data Class by Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall PTR, 2005-08-11 -- Learn to write SQL statements once and manipulate the data with less code. Read the full article here.

Behind the Scenes Look at C#: Indexers in C# by Michael Youssef, 2005-08-10 -- These steps show you how indexers help you to organize your data. Read the full article here.

Now you can make dynamic, powerful Web sites faster and easier than ever before with the new Microsoft® Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. Try the free beta today and see the difference using a program made just for the Web and just for you can make. Go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/getvwd/.

Who`s Afraid to Be Const Correct? Reading Const Correctly in C++ by J. Nakamura, 2005-08-16 -- Learn the constkeyword, and the excellent effect it can have on your code. Read the full article here.

Everything You Must Know About ColdFusion Variables by Jayaram Krishnaswamy, 2005-08-15 -- Learn about the types of ColdFusion variables and how to use them. Read the full article here.

What`s the Address? Pointers by McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2005-08-11 -- Create and work with pointers in C++ more easily than you might expect. Read the full article here.

Automating Sitemap Generation by Dan Wellman, 2005-08-10 -- Read about the best sitemap generators that can simplify builing your website. Read the full article here

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition from a Hardware Perspective in Computer Processors by jkbaseball, 2005-08-16 -- Microsoft is going to move XP 64-bit from beta to gold. Now it’s time to see exactly what Microsoft has brought to the x64 table. Read the full article here.

Why Aren`t More Women Involved in Gaming? by Terri Wells, 2005-08-15 -- Game companies could be doing a lot more to entice women to open our purses or even pursue careers as game designers. Read the full article here.

Intel`s Newest Itanium by DMOS, 2005-08-10 -- Take a technical look at the recent update to the Itanium2 lineup, as well as more details on what the codename Montecito means to the future of Intel. Read the full article here.

Evil Google? Can the Search Engine be Moral? by Mike McEwan, 2005-08-16 -- Google's "don't be evil" policy sounds simple, but can it live up to those moral standards? Read the full article here.

SEO Can Make Your Online Store a Powerhouse for the Holidays in Website Marketing by Jacqueline Dooley, 2005-08-15 -- This is the first of several holiday-focused SEO articles, using real-life examples and models. Read the full article here.

Yahoo! Audio Search, a Music Pioneer? by Mike McEwan, 2005-08-10 -- A special Yahoo! search engine will help music sites find their audience and help music lovers find their fix. Read the full article here.

Choosing a Web Host, Get What You Need by Mike McEwan, 2005-08-10 -- Outsourcing web hosting to professional web hosters can save money and headaches. But how can somebody choose between hosts? Read the full article here.

SPF: Its Functionality and How To Use It On Your Server by Michael Swanson, 2005-08-03 -- With Yahoo! and Microsoft pushing to develop anti-spam technologies, learn how a web host can prepare to implement them. Read the full article here.

Email Providers Gear Up For Sender ID by Mike McEwan, 2005-07-27 -- New anti-spam systems of Microsoft and Yahoo are advancing, and email providers are being forced to institute them. Read the full article here.

Network Marketing Training- The 9 Million Dollar Questions for MLM Success (2005-08-11) Can people REALLY Succeed in Network Marketing and MLM? Read the full article here.

Making Money Online - Start Small, Grow Huge (2005-08-11) Earnings from the Internet will be numbered by the trillions in 2005. Read the full article here.

5 Ways To Lose Your Ezine Subscribers (2005-08-09) There's nothing more fun that reading what not to do. Read the full article here.


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Weird and Cool

Blue Security claims their aggressive new model for fighting spam is very effective. Recently, they posted a report that spammers have been shutting down their domain names in response to the Blue Frog community.

How does it work? Basically, you register your email accounts on their Do-Not-Intrude list, and install a little program. Spammers who send illegal spam to list members are kindly asked to stop spamming. If they don’t stop, all the members who are online contribute (automatically via the program they installed) to sending massive amounts of complaints to the spammer's site. This can slow down orders on the site and make it unprofitable. The service is surrounded by a lot of ethical and legal questions, especially since it can be similar to a DDoS attack if complaints are send at a rapid rate.

Interested in helping? Sign up.

An overclocker in Japan has set a world record. With an Asus P5WD2 motherboard and a Pentium 4 670, he used liquid nitrogen cooling. The overclock pushed the 3.80 GHz stock processor all the way to 7.1 GHz. It calculated Pi to 1 million decimal places in 18.5 seconds, a world record.

A battery will power devices using urine. Applying a drop of urine to a battery shaped like a credit card will power devices with 1.5 volts, and it works for about 15 hours. Right now, developers are looking to use the urine battery in medical testing and other disposable things. They didn’t rule out that it could eventually be an emergency power source for cell phones or mobile devices.


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