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E-mail Exposure

Computerworld IT Management
August 8, 2005


Business Intelligence Executive Briefing

Most companies are planning big investments in business intelligence --
so why not learn the best practices and avoid the common mistakes?
Computerworld's Executive Briefing, "Get Smart About Business
Intelligence," tells how to distribute BI "to the masses" and make sure
the underlying data is solid and secure. Download the free report,
compliments of Sybase.


In this issue:

* E-mail Exposure
-- Sidebar: What IT Can Do
* Managing 'Prosumers'
-- Sidebar: Handling Handhelds
* Expert: With Open-source Software, ROI Tough To Peg
* These Are The Days, My Friend
* In The Dark (Managing The Night Shift)

Computerworld Blogs:

* Addicted to e-mail?
* FOSS ROI shouldn't be monetary
* Managing mountains of RFID data
* Casting a global net

Other Resources:

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E-mail Exposure

Companies that inadvertently pass viruses, worms or any type of malware
to other companies via electronic transmissions such as e-mail could
find themselves in court.,4902,103696,00.html?nlid=MGT

-- Sidebar: What IT Can Do

How IT can help limit corporate e-mail liability,4902,103693,00.html?nlid=MGT


Managing 'Prosumers'

Handhelds and smart phones are coming into corporations in greater
numbers than before, pressing IT to manage standards, security and

-- Sidebar: Handling Handhelds

Gartner has some recommendations for how companies should support
handheld devices.,4902,103677,00.html?nlid=MGT


Download your free copy of the IDC white papers:

"HP's Desktop & Mobility Lifecycle Solutions" and "Enabling Workplace


Expert: With Open-source Software, ROI Tough To Peg

Companies considering open-source software should remember that metrics
used to compare open-source software with proprietary software may not
always give the best answers, says Robert M. Lefkowitz, of Optaros
Inc., an open-source consulting and systems integration vendor.,4902,103690,00.html?nlid=MGT


These Are The Days, My Friend

Opinion: Michael Gartenberg reconsiders his nostalgia for high-tech
stuff of days gone by.,4902,103698,00.html?nlid=MGT


In The Dark

Night-shift workers can feel isolated from the business, hostile and
just plain tired. Here are some tips to keep them happy and


Network Documentation Tool

netViz gives you depth into your business and IT like you've never seen
before. Learn more in this informative white paper.



Addicted to e-mail?

I have a confession; I think I may be an e-mail addict. Whenever I'm separated
from e-mail, I get an anxious feeling: as if I'm missing out on some new or
important information. Last week for example, I was on vacation with the family
and let out a sigh of relief when I found out that the hotel where we were
staying offered high-speed wireless access.


FOSS ROI shouldn't be monetary

This post at Computerworld which is based on this talk at OSCON 2005 covers the
issues surrounding calculating the ROI on open source software.


Managing mountains of RFID data

Pundits say our IT shops will soon be inundated by streams of data from all
those RFID chips and sensors. And here's a company that's already figured that
out: Graniterock Co. Yup, a company that hauls huge truckloads of rock, sand and
gravel all over northern Calfornia.


Casting a global net

The Internet has turned a lot of formerly local companies into national and even
global players. I'm not just talking about electronics retailers, sellers of
industrial machinery, or tech consultants. We're starting to see other types of
firms aggressively expand into territory which they might not have even
considered 10 or 20 years ago.


Real Time Web Application Service Level Management
nVision Software improves the reliability, availability and
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Get valuable insights into finding the right enterprise application
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