Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Pop-Up Ad Pioneer Now Shunning Practice

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A new service Claria is launching this month will still deliver advertising to the computer desktops of Web surfers ... only this time, they won't be annoying pop-ups. The company has become notorious for its development of pop-ups delivered via adware, and many critics suspect the former Gator's product will be just as tricky as before. Claria still must navigate some challenging terrain on privacy and consent, and many key decisions still need to be worked out.
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E-Mail Archiving Growing in Importance

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Corporations' reliance on e-mail systems to circulate information has grown exponentially, but their ability to sort, retain, and locate e-mail messages has not evolved as quickly. "In many organizations, few procedures are in place that outline how to manage e-mail correspondences, and often companies can not quickly locate important messages," noted Dan Blum, group research director at market research firm Burton Group.
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Apple Joins Multiple-Button World With Mighty Mouse

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For decades, one of Silicon Valley's favorite questions has been, "How many buttons should a computer mouse have?" The Apple Computer co-founder and chief executive, Steve Jobs, once said one was the obvious answer because that made it impossible to push the wrong button. But Apple, which first popularized the mouse in 1984, changed its answer on Aug. 2 from one to many. It appears that in a world of game consoles and cell phones, multiple button pushing has become second nature.
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Open-Source Software Enters Mainstream

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Open-source software, once primarily associated with computer operating systems, is now being used by companies for critical functions and software applications such as storing data, managing customers and analyzing business information. The success of Linux, the free computer operating system created in the early 1990s by Linus Torvalds and developers around the world, has paved the way for a growing open-source ecosystem.
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