Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Interwoven Tames Unwieldy Web Sites

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Enterprise CMSES (content management systems) do a fine job helping business users update Web page text and rollback changes when necessary. But that's just one facet of maintaining an engaging site. Unfortunately, few tools currently exist for overseeing changes to intricate applications such as shopping carts and Web-enabled self-help. True, most IT shops employ systems management tools such as Microsoft Application Center to deploy custom programming of this nature.
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An Apple Mouse That's Mighty, Indeed

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After 21 stubborn years, Apple Computer has finally abandoned one of its most cherished principles: the idea that computer mice should have just one button. It's about time. Apple's fondness for quirky engineering has often cost the company dearly. Early Macintosh computers would not accept internal hard drives. They'd also overheat because design chief Steve Jobs banned cooling fans -- he hated the hum. Decisions like these helped cement the Mac's reputation as an eccentric computer fit only for oddballs.
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Microsoft Warms to Open Source

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Spotting the Microsoft contingent at last week's LinuxWorld was as easy as singling out Darth Vader and two Stormtroopers -- literally. Three company representatives donned "Star Wars" costumes for an event at the convention, poking fun at Microsoft's reputation as the "Evil Empire" in the eyes of people involved in open-source software. The scene, and Microsoft's participation in the conference, illustrated the ongoing thaw in the company's historically icy approach to open-source communities.
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