Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Becoming a Full-Fledged Podcaster Is Easy

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If the World Wide Web, and blogs in particular, popularized publishing, then the podcast is popularizing audio broadcasting. For the uninitiated, pocasting is the posting of custom sound files on the Internet in a way that lets listeners download them effortlessly to mp3 players such as the unparalleled Apple iPod. With a little money and a few easy steps, you can make your own recordings that listeners around the world can listen to on their iPods.
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Coming to the Web: TV Commercials, With a Twist

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Not long ago, it sometimes took Web pages 30 seconds to load, thanks to slow, dial-up connections over-burdened servers and inexperienced Web design. Thanks to high-speed connections and rapidly evolving technology, the days of slow-loading pages are gone. However, users might want to get used to waiting 30 -- or 15, or 10 -- seconds to see their chosen content. Analysts say TV-style video commercials are almost certain to proliferate on the Web as it becomes one of the most important advertising venues available to marketers.
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Tech Boards: A New Secret for Bridging Business, IT

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The once thick walls that have traditionally been separating IT departments from its business leaders at companies both large and small are beginning to thin and crack. In fact, all signs indicate that these walls will soon crumble completely to create a new environment in which business leaders and technology leaders interact and work toward common goals, with end results likely to have significant impact on the bottom line.
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IBM Helps Firefox Reach the Disabled

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A donation of IBM code is allowing the creators of Firefox to help disabled users make the most of the open-source browser software. The code enables improvements to help users with visual and motor impairments to navigate the Web by enlarging screen images or reading out the text of Web sites. The accessibility feature uses the dynamic hyper text markup language (dhtml).
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Tracking Chips Use Spreads From Goods to Passports

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From retail warehouses to emergency rooms, the radio frequency ID (RFID) tag is a bar code with super powers. Stores envision using the technology to track products from shipping pallets to cash registers, where customers would use it for wireless payments. Doctors see new ways to instantly access lifesaving patient information. But privacy advocates offer a dark vision of an Orwellian future when people can be tracked by ubiquitous RFID tags in everything from cars to clothes to patients' arms.
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