Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Google Techs, Entrepreneurs Match Wits

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Free-flowing beer, live music, karaoke and arcade games kept the party raging at the Googleplex the other night, but the real action was unfolding inside a sterile conference room at Google's headquarters. That's where the cunning Internet entrepreneurs who constantly try to manipulate Google's search engine results for a competitive edge were trying to make the most of a rare opportunity to match wits face-to-face with the company's top engineers.
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The Xandros Files

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I recently went so far as to buy an official, boxed Linux version -- Xandros -- over the Internet, shipped all the way from Canada. Well, it comes with a nifty little sticker that sneakily covers the "Designed for Windows XP" logo that most PCs come with whether you like it or not, and that's as good a selling point as any for me as long as the system works.
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Wild About Widgets

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Recent top-50 Dashboard widgets included a Google Maps widget for pulling up Web maps, a mini-Tetris widget for playing the famed puzzle game, a Yoda widget that rearranges plain-English sentences into the Jedi master's unique diction, a Garfield comic-strip generator, a TV-listings viewer, a word-of-the-day widget, a picture viewer, a Gmail Web-mail notifier and widgets that flash headlines from CNN, Wired News and other news-and-information sources.
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Oracle Wins Over Town

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They were supposed to be corporate raiders, riding into Pleasanton, Calif. to pillage PeopleSoft, the much beloved software company Larry Ellison and his Oracle lieutenants had successfully vanquished after an 18-month hostile takeover battle. Small businesses feared Oracle's US$10.6 billion acquisition of the hometown PeopleSoft in January would hurt their customers -- and spending power. City officials worried about losing their largest employer, and a possible strain on social services from fired workers.
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