Monday, August 29, 2005

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Top Five Methods to Prevent Internet Fraud

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With more than 40 million recently compromised credit cards available to fraudsters, merchants are faced with the challenge of preventing the use of these cards on their Web sites. What once was considered a rather insignificant cost of doing business online, has become a highly organized and profitable criminal endeavor. With worldwide credit card fraud surpassing US$2.5 billion last year alone, merchants must be prepared to fight off more fraud than ever. There are however, certain things that merchants can do to reduce their exposure to fraud.
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Open Source Stacks Spell an Opportunity

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SourceForge, the leading repository of open-source code and applications, lists 104,889 registered projects. Each week new projects are registered and companies release more code to the community. The increasing array of choices is impressive. How can IT specialists keep up? Better yet, how can business people find their way through the increasing complexity that characterizes the proliferation of open-source solutions? Two companies think they have at least part of the answer.
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The Future of the Home Entertainment PC

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The consumer electronics industry has had a hard time with standards. Each manufacturer has its own specialty and few components work well with products from other companies. CE products have a mixed ease-of-use record. The most famous problem is probably the VCR which had the ability to time-shift programming but was so difficult to program that few could ever eliminate the flashing "12:00" that designated the clock had never been set.
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IPod's Journey Marks Arrival of Just-in-Time Global Economy

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You can get a glimpse of how the just-in-time global economy has evolved by tracing the trip of more than 7,000 miles that an Apple iPod took from Shanghai, China, where it was manufactured, to Pittsburgh. In contrast to the 90 days it took a cargo-laden clipper ship to travel from Shanghai to New York 150 years ago, consumer products such as an iPod can now make it from the factory dock in China to a home address in Pittsburgh in just a few days.
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