Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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A Sweet Suite for Bloggers

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News syndication and Web logs are two of the hottest technologies on the Internet today. Syndication commonly referred to as RSS or Atom, has become a significant vehicle for delivering news and analysis directly to information hounds and for sharing intelligence within corporations.
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Teleworking -- Is It Right For Your Enterprise?

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The change away from the corporate cubicle creates new challenges for managers on several levels, including their comfort level with the situation and the challenge of managing employees that may be scattered around the globe. While companies can and do successfully assess how best to leverage telework scenarios where employees work from home offices, hotels or elsewhere, there is still apprehension on the part of some managers and executives who fear employees will not work to their full potential when not under the company's watch.
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Companies Take Divergent Paths With Mainframe

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Baldor Electric Co. and Welch Foods have much in common. Both are growing, mid-size companies with similar-size IT departments. Each uses packaged ERP applications and is run by IT managers who want complete alignment with the business. But when it comes to the hardware running these systems, the companies are polar opposites. Fort Smith, Ark.-based Baldor has consolidated its hardware to an IBM z990 running Linux that hosts its SAP ERP applications.
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Libraries With Audiobook Downloads Eschew iPods

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A new way to borrow audiobooks from the library involves no CDs, no car trips, no fines and no risk of being shushed ... but also, for the most part, no iPods. Users of iPods can still listen to books purchased through sources such as Audible.com or Apple's own iTunes Music Store, but the library services, for now, are geared toward computers and devices that support Windows Media Audio files. OverDrive files can be burned to CDs and converted to iPod friendly formats, but NetLibrary's cannot.
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