Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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WISPS About to Wither?

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Telecommunications services providers have been searching for ways to stay afloat in a tough, highly competitive market. Recently, a group of them, dubbed Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), have crafted business plans based on the supposition that wireless Wide Area Networks (WANs) are more efficient than wired networks. "WISPs think they will be able to deliver WAN services to enterprises faster and at a lower cost than wireline service providers," said Lindsay Schroth, a senior analyst at Yankee Group.
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The Improbable Saga of Ma, China's New Internet King

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Everything you hear about Jack Ma is improbable. But today, he looks like one of China's smartest high-technology entrepreneurs. Ma is only 40, and he started out teaching English. But he is now called the "grandfather of the Internet in China," even though he claims not to know much more about computers than how to send and receive e-mail. Yahoo's huge deal with him early this month has turned his company,, into the biggest Internet operation in China, where Internet use is growing at an explosive pace.
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IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface

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IBM this month unveiled open-source technology designed so companies can apply analytics to call center logs, warranty claims, technician notes and other unstructured data. IBM's Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) will help companies corral elusive unstructured data contained in documents, e-mails, Web sites and video for inclusion in their business intelligence and knowledge management efforts, users said.
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Switch May Bring Detente to Mac vs. Windows

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The very notion of combining the Mac and a Windows PC would have seemed odd just a couple of years ago, but then Mac released its first small unit in a few years that came without a screen attached. The Mac Mini dangled an intriguing possibility before consumer users. What if you could put a Mac Mini next to a small Windows desktop computer and let them share a keyboard, mouse and monitor?
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ROI - Enough Already

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In lots of examples like PCs, databases, and even CRM, a concept is so new (a discontinuous innovation) that there is nothing like it, which means there is no true analog to replace. The idea of replacement is fundamental because the innovation can't take over another niche. Effective use of the innovation means building an infrastructure for it. For example, PCs might have physically replaced typewriters and dumb terminals on the desktop, but their effective use meant wiring buildings for LANs and conceiving new business processes.
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