Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Essentials: McCue Interview...Blogging and the media...Search tech...Compliance costs...Case study

Dear Pet,

Check out seven articles from the past seven days which you
can't afford to miss...

The McCue Interview: Preston City Council IT chief Peter Ryder
Wireless cities, the digital divide, real ale and a crumbling
bus station...

Will's Web Watch: Blogging (Part I)
What does it mean for the media?

Quocirca's Straight Talking: Searching for search technology
'Seek and ye shall find' - if only...

CIO Jury: Are high compliance costs worth it?
IT chiefs see long-term benefits despite short-term headaches

Q&A: CEO and co-founder of Business Objects, Bernard Liautaud
On being a Frenchman in Silicon Valley and why he's not afraid
of Microsoft

Case Study: Police get extra back-up by linking systems
Forces connect to boost intelligence and disaster recovery

Leader: Google - good luck
It's not going to be easy to be the best at IM


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Still got time on your hands?
Why not read the top 10 stories of the past week, as selected by
your fellow readers...

Google code hides IM secrets
Is instant messaging next on the agenda?

One million act to block nuisance calls
BT surprised by huge interest in phone privacy service

Google desktop search: Take two
New beta - but is it better?

Google IM and VoIP service to launch tomorrow?
Or is search engine's new service all talk?

Skype sets off IM love-in free-for-all
Come in and have a text chat...

Silence is broken: Google Talk launches
Jabber away with text chat and voice calls

BT halts business broadband rollout
Until demand picks up...

Las Vegas cheat-busting: The truth about tech detection
RFID, facial recognition, optical tracking and those 'eyes in
the sky'...

Devil's Advocate: The Microsoft-to-Google defection
It can't be the code they were after...

Pornographer in spat with Google
"You're showing too much."
"You can talk..."

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