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Fishing In The Data Pool

Computerworld Data Management
August 31, 2005


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In this issue:

* Fishing In The Data Pool
* New GoldenGate Tool Finds Database Discrepancies
* Brief: DOJ Deploys Software To Track Crime Data
* Network Effect
* Upcoming IBM Software Continually Backs Up Files

Computerworld Blogs:

* "Application Development Without Programmers"
* Yes, I definitely need to be clearer
* A classic enterprise technology bellwether
* Email is part of your project data

Other Resources:

IDC White Paper: Oracle Builds A Comprehensive SOA Platform


Fishing In The Data Pool

Who's Who in IT: Systems and programming manager Shawn Mahoney talks
about his job at Foremost Insurance.,4902,104143,00.html?nlid=DM


New GoldenGate Tool Finds Database Discrepancies

GoldenGate Software announced a tool designed to root out
discrepancies between databases while they're still in use.,4902,104247,00.html?nlid=DM


Brief: DOJ Deploys Software To Track Crime Data

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is using predictive analysis software
from SPSS to analyze crime data and produce reports on a number of
justice-related topics.,4902,104241,00.html?nlid=DM



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Network Effect

Frankly Speaking: Many rural and small hospitals won't be able to adopt
electronic health records (EHR), readers tell Frank Hayes. And that
could undermine the benefit to those health care centers that do
embrace EHR.,4902,104195,00.html?nlid=DM


Upcoming IBM Software Continually Backs Up Files

IBM plans to release new software on Sept. 16 for backing up files
automatically on laptops and desktop PCs.,4902,104238,00.html?nlid=DM


The Wireless Corporation

Here's what you need to know before you take your company wireless.
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"Application Development Without Programmers"

"Application Development Without Programmers," by James Martin, popularized the
myth of app dev tools that would (almost) eliminate the need for actual coding,
and perhaps even be usable by non-programmers. At various times the proposed
panacea has been procedural "fourth generation languages", nonprocedural 4GLs,
I-CASE (Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering) products, ...


Yes, I definitely need to be clearer

John Parker said he agrees with the direction of the DBMS2 proposal, but has
several major nits to pick. (August 15 -- I don't see any separate links for
individual entries.) But the thing is, I think we agree more than not, even in
the areas where he thinks we don't see eye to eye. Obviously, I need to be


A classic enterprise technology bellwether

One of the flagship apps for text mining has been IBM's work (primarily with
Clearforest, I think), in the area of automobile warranty claim analysis. In the
most recent iteration, it's the spearhead app for UIMA. Actually,
maintenance/diagnosis/quality/customer service is often an area where new
technology ...


Email is part of your project data

There's been a lot of talk on the blogs recently about retaining email. I agree
with Curt's comment that we should be keeping email for the simple reason of
text and data mining. I also think we're forgetting that email is now the main
method of communication for a large number of organizations and groups.


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