Wednesday, August 17, 2005

IBM: Curbing Open-Source License Glut Is Wishful Thinking

Computerworld Open Source
August 17, 2005


The Grid Computing Glossary

Like any technology, grid computing has a specialized lexicon of terms,
acronyms, and concepts. This comprehensive glossary provides a
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In this issue:

* IBM Exec Says Curbing Open-Source License Glut Is 'Wishful Thinking'
* LinuxWorld SF: Stars Align For Open-Source
* IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface
* Money And Who Makes It Is ...
* Open-Source Virtualization Beckons Users At LinuxWorld
* LinuxWorld SF: GPL Upgrade Due In 2007
* Open-Source Lessons

Q&A Part 2: IBM Exec Says Curbing Open-source License Glut Is 'Wishful Thinking'

Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive for IBM's
software division, weighed in this week on open-source licensing issues
and patent reform during in an interview with Computerworld at
the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.,4902,103890,00.html?nlid=OPN


LinuxWorld SF: Stars Align For Open-Source

A host of industry powerhouses rallied around open-source at the
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, with strategic partnerships formed among
key companies and the release of proprietary commercial code to the


IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface

IBM unveiled open-source technology designed to allow
companies to apply analytics to call center logs, warranty claims,
technician notes and other unstructured data sources.,4902,103913,00.html?nlid=OPN


Money And Who Makes It Is ...

On the Mark: Some developers in the open-source world feel that money
is corrupting the community. And for-profit companies are wary of that


Keeping the Customer in View
How well do you know your customers?

Accurate customer data directly impacts loyalty and business planning,
yet few companies update data regularly. Experts address the challenges
of ensuring a consistent, coherent customer view across the


Open-Source Virtualization Beckons Users At LinuxWorld

A look at the upcoming version of the Xen open-source virtual machine
software attracted a slew of Linux users at last week's LinuxWorld


LinuxWorld SF: GPL Upgrade Due In 2007

Upgrade may address issues such as resolving patent conflicts,
accommodating Web services, resolving incompatibilities with other
licenses and dealing with wikis.,4902,103859,00.html?nlid=OPN


Open-Source Lessons

VA Software's SourceForge encourages collaboration among developers
through an open-source model.,4902,103853,00.html?nlid=OPN


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