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IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface

Computerworld Data Management
August 17, 2005


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In this issue:

* IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface
* Analytical CRM Gaining Gravity Globally
* IT Uses Web Services To Preserve Data
* EMC Announces Surveillance Management Application
* Toyota Distributor Turns To WhereNet For Vehicle Tracking
* U.S. Army Wraps Up Testing Of New Sensor System

Computerworld Blogs:

* Audio watermarking
* Stealing customer lists on the way out the door
* Right to privacy (protection)?
* App outsourcing and DBMS2

Other Resources:

IDC White Paper: Oracle Builds A Comprehensive SOA Platform


IBM Releases Open Analytics Interface

IBM unveiled open-source technology designed to allow
companies to apply analytics to call center logs, warranty claims,
technician notes and other unstructured data sources.,4902,103913,00.html?nlid=DM


Analytical CRM Gaining Gravity Globally

A report by an independent market analyst finds that analytical
customer relationship management technology, considered the logical
evolution of the CRM life cycle, is being adopted by enterprises on a
broader global scale.,4902,103808,00.html?nlid=DM


IT Uses Web Services To Preserve Data

Companies are turning to Web services to maintain investments in
mainframes and other legacy systems. The new systems are unlocking data
on the host systems for use in new Web-based applications.,4902,103910,00.html?nlid=DM


Keeping the Customer in View
How well do you know your customers?

Accurate customer data directly impacts loyalty and business planning,
yet few companies update data regularly. Experts address the challenges
of ensuring a consistent, coherent customer view across the


EMC Announces Surveillance Management Application

EMC unveiled its Surveillance Analysis and Management
Solution, which provides hardware, software and professional services
for companies that need a comprehensive system to utilize and analyze
surveillance data.,4902,103813,00.html?nlid=DM


Toyota Distributor Turns To WhereNet For Vehicle Tracking

A distributor for 145 Toyota dealers is using an active RFID tracking
system from WhereNet Corp. to locate and process more than 190,000
vehicles annually.,4902,103902,00.html?nlid=DM


U.S. Army Wraps Up Testing Of New Sensor System

The U.S. Army has finished testing a sensor system in military vehicles
designed to help identify and diagnose mechanical issues in real time.,4902,103824,00.html?nlid=DM


Business Intelligence Executive Briefing

Most companies are planning big investments in business intelligence --
so why not learn the best practices and avoid the common mistakes?
Computerworld's Executive Briefing, "Get Smart About Business
Intelligence," tells how to distribute BI "to the masses" and make sure
the underlying data is solid and secure. Download the free report,
compliments of Sybase.



Audio watermarking

It's understandable that some of the most interesting stuff in the world happens
in research centers. They have the time and money to spend developing, testing
and playing with new solutions. One of the sites I keep my eyes on is the
Microsoft Research site which has come up with some wonderful stuff in the 12
months that I've been watching


Stealing customer lists on the way out the door

Executive-search firm Korn/Ferry International is suing five former employees --
including a "technology coordinator" -- claiming they downloaded thousands of
prospect records from the firm's proprietary database of job candidates. The
defendants are starting their own breakaway business.


Right to privacy (protection)?

Douglas Schweitzer posts about the constitutional right to privacy in the United
States. While I agree with his general direction, I also think that the
crucial conversations about "privacy" would be a lot more useful if people
(including judges) were more careful about their terms.


App outsourcing and DBMS2

Don Tennant made a passionate case in his column last week that application
outsourcing is a major part of the future IT landscape. I agree.


Build a security plan to protect your company's assets. In this
comprehensive report you will learn everything from how to educate
staff against picking easy-to-crack passwords or falling for "social
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