Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Infor Buys PLM Maker To Boost Manufacturing ERP Apps

Computerworld ERP/Supply Chain
August 30, 2005


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In this issue:

* Infor Buys PLM Maker To Boost Manufacturing ERP Apps
* How To Blow $2 Million Fast
* Pure Portal Era Ends, As BEA Charts New Course
* Ontario Gov't To Take Control Of Controversial IT System
* Network Effect

Infor Buys PLM Maker To Boost Manufacturing ERP Apps

Infor Global Systems said it had acquired Formation Systems, a
developer of PLM software for process manufactures, for an undisclosed



How To Blow $2 Million Fast

An anonymous IT veteran remembers a disastrous payroll and HR
implementation, and at a new company now vows he will never purchase
such software.



Pure Portal Era Ends, As BEA Charts New Course

Analysts discuss what purchase means for portal industry, whose
products are heading toward becoming add-ons to ERP and infrastructure
software deals.



Network Documentation Tool

netViz gives you depth into your business and IT like you've never seen
before. Learn more in this informative white paper.



Ontario Gov't To Take Control Of Controversial IT System

Accenture is preparing to turn control of the welfare system it built
for Ontario to the Canadian provincial government. The custom-built
system still draws criticism from some quarters.



Network Effect

Frankly Speaking: Many rural and small hospitals won't be able to adopt
electronic health records (EHR), readers tell Frank Hayes. And that
could undermine the benefit to those health care centers that do
embrace EHR.



Robert Frances Group: Backup Jobs Driving You Crazy? Archive That Old

This high-level executive report provides compelling reasons why IT
leaders should re-examine their current archiving policies.




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