Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lawson Embraces IBM Stack To Bolster Apps Performance

Computerworld ERP/Supply Chain
August 16, 2005


9 Steps to Building a B2B Business Case

Learn how to get faster executive approval of your B2B initiatives with
these simple steps.



In this issue:

* Lawson Embraces IBM Stack To Bolster Apps Performance
* SSA Global To Buy Epiphany For $329M
* Geomatics Gets Going With Gateways

Lawson Embraces IBM Stack To Bolster Apps Performance

Lawson Software Inc. hopes to cut complexity and boost performance in
its technology stack by rolling out an updated version of its
applications infrastructure software, Lawson 8.1.0 Technology.



SSA Global To Buy Epiphany For $329M

SSA Global plans to buy CRM maker Epiphany for $329 million in cash,
adding another set of distressed enterprise applications to SSA's



Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers

Installing blade servers in an existing data center creates a
bewildering set of challenges and options. Let APC guide you through
the process! This paper explains how to evaluate the options and select
the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable
blade deployment.



Geomatics Gets Going With Gateways

An aerial data company improves its storage cost and efficiency by
deploying four Bobcat NAS gateways from ONStor Inc.



IDC White Paper: Why Consider Oracle for Business Intelligence?

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work. Businesses are undergoing a
fundamental shift in the way they make decisions. Learn how Oracle
helps organizations deploy appropriate solutions to support the
decision-making needs of end users. Download this white paper today!




SAP Software Migration for Customers
If your current applications are at risk, SAP Safe Passage provides a
clear roadmap for solution migration with maintenance support &
integration technology. View free demos now!

Applications Go 25x faster with Solid State Disk
Texas Memory Systems solid state disks are The World's Fastest
Storage(R), with certified results by the Storage Performance Council.
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Application Performance With Solid State Disk.

Way better than backup! - Continuous Protection
Free White Paper. TimeSpring's CDP software for Windows automatically
captures all changes in REAL TIME so you can recover from data loss,
corruption or security breaches in minutes. Analyze, report and test
data anytime without impacting operations.

Use MS Word as your Report Generator
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TechExcel CRM
TechExcel CRM sets the standard for high-end CRM: powerful,
configurable, affordable and easy to use.


Build a security plan to protect your company's assets. In this
comprehensive report you will learn everything from how to educate
staff against picking easy-to-crack passwords or falling for "social
engineering" attacks to keeping up with the latest patches and fixes
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