Monday, August 29, 2005

Locking Down IM (Enjoy benefits, mitigate risks)

Computerworld IT Management
August 29, 2005


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In this issue:

* Locking Down IM (Enjoy benefits, mitigate risks)
* No Strings Attached (Wireless hiring kiosks save time and money)
* Fishing In The Data Pool (Systems and programming manager talks job)
* Review: The World Is Flat (Book reviews)
* Good Numbers And Bad (Doing metrics the right way)
* Reducing IT Costs, Step 7: Document Workflow
* Q&A: Consistent Voice Needed On Security Issues, Says TechNet
* Managers' Forum (Paul Glen's advice for IT managers)

Computerworld Blogs:

* Encryption is NOT a panacea
* Gartner Inc. on the prowl for acquisitions again
* Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task
* The productivity benefits of virtual meetings

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Locking Down IM

Here are steps you can take to enjoy the business benefits of IM while
mitigating the risks.,4902,104156,00.html?nlid=MGT


No Strings Attached

Rent-A-Center's flexible, wireless hiring kiosks have saved time and
money, improved hiring and inspired further automation.,4902,104171,00.html?nlid=MGT


Fishing In The Data Pool

Who's Who in IT: Systems and programming manager Shawn Mahoney talks
about his job at Foremost Insurance.,4902,104143,00.html?nlid=MGT


Review: The World Is Flat

Thomas Hoffman reviews Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Thomas
Friedman's latest effort, as well as books on how to get the most out
of your team and how to handle tough questions.,4902,104176,00.html?nlid=MGT


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Good Numbers And Bad

Opinion: Metrics are a way to lead people toward a goal, says John
Columbus. But before you start, make sure you're using the right
numbers in the right way.,4902,104152,00.html?nlid=MGT


Reducing IT Costs, Step 7: Document Workflow

CA's Stevie Sacks discusses modifying user behavior as a way to cut IT


Q&A: Consistent Voice Needed On Security Issues, Says TechNet

Christopher Zannetos , the new co-chairman of TechNet's Cyber Security
Task Force, speaks about his plans for the group, including working
with Congress on information security legislation.,4902,104177,00.html?nlid=MGT


Managers' Forum

How does a busy IT leader learn to say no? Paul Glen has a suggestion
that can't miss, along with other advice for IT managers.,4902,104081,00.html?nlid=MGT


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Encryption is NOT a panacea

Well, things seem to have quieted down a bit in the "Raiders of the Lost Data"
saga we were all experiencing over the last few months, but I'm sure it's FAR
from over. When all of these stories were geting a lot of press... Time Warner,
Bank of America, Citigroup and the list goes on, there were countless calls for
encryption of backup tapes ...


Gartner Inc. on the prowl for acquisitions again

Will Yankee Group, AMR or Tower Group be gobbled up? IT research behemoth
Gartner Inc. -- having recently digested Meta Group -- is apparently hungry for
another acquisition.


Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task

A recent article in NewsFactor Technology News seems to forget the first rule in
records retention is CONTENT, not CONTAINER. All decisions for retention of
information, irrespective of media, form or format are based on the content of
the information.


The productivity benefits of virtual meetings

Conventional wisdom is that an in-person meeting is always better than a virtual
meeting (which uses collaboration tools). But David Ferris at Ferris Research,
a research firm covering messaging and collaboration, begs to differ.


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