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Locking Down IM (Enjoy benefits, mitigate risks)

Computerworld Security
August 29, 2005


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In this issue:

* Locking Down IM (Enjoy benefits, mitigate risks)
* Microsoft To Release Antiphishing Tool Before IE 7
* IBM Tivoli Unveils CDP Security Tool For The Masses
* Peers Say Cisco Ended Up Wearing The Black Hat
* Internet Sieges Can Cost Businesses A Bundle
* Q&A: Consistent Voice Needed On Security Issues, Says TechNet
* New York Signs Pact To Boost Transit Security
* The 'Virtual' Way To Better Wireless Security
* LANDesk Ships Network Access Control Software

Computerworld Blogs:

* Can?t keep up with security? Then outsource IT!
* Encryption is NOT a panacea
* Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task
* Tell me or tell me not?

Other Resources:

Risk -- it's everywhere. And no one knows that better than IT security
professionals. This bulletin will help you address those risks with
sage advice for protecting corporate assets in a dangerous world.
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Locking Down IM

Here are steps you can take to enjoy the business benefits of IM while
mitigating the risks.,4902,104156,00.html?nlid=SEC


Microsoft To Release Antiphishing Tool Before IE 7

Microsoft plans to release an antiphishing tool before the release of
the next version of its Web browser, Internet Explorer 7, as an add-on
to the MSN Search Toolbar.,4902,104191,00.html?nlid=SEC


IBM Tivoli Unveils CDP Security Tool For The Masses

IBM introduced a product that offers continuous data protection
capabilities for laptops, PCs and file servers. The tool also
automatically backs up data to servers.,4902,104206,00.html?nlid=SEC


Peers Say Cisco Ended Up Wearing The Black Hat

Security Manager's Journal: After the Cisco IOS vulnerability brouhaha,
C.J. Kelly asks some colleagues what they think of the situation.,4902,104163,00.html?nlid=SEC


Internet Sieges Can Cost Businesses A Bundle

Companies doing business on the Web find that when attackers strike,
the balance sheet always takes a hit.,4902,104168,00.html?nlid=SEC


Q&A: Consistent Voice Needed On Security Issues, Says TechNet

Christopher Zannetos , the new co-chairman of TechNet's Cyber Security
Task Force, speaks about his plans for the group, including working
with Congress on information security legislation.,4902,104177,00.html?nlid=SEC


Free security software! Buy SecureCRT (Secure Shell terminal emulator)
by September 9 and get SecureFX (SFTP file transfer client) free.
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New York Signs Pact To Boost Transit Security

Seeking better protection against terrorist attacks, the New York
Metropolitan Transportation Authority is embarking on a $212 million
project that will involve the deployment of new software, cameras,
sensors and video technologies.,4902,104202,00.html?nlid=SEC


The 'Virtual' Way To Better Wireless Security

Opinion: Douglas Schweitzer says that virtual LANs may be the answer to
some of your company's wireless security problems.,4902,104158,00.html?nlid=SEC


LANDesk Ships Network Access Control Software

LANDesk Software is shipping LANDesk 8.6 network access control
software that will be implemented for 500 users at Swire Coca-Cola in
the western U.S.,4902,104240,00.html?nlid=SEC


How Symantec LiveState(tm) Client Management Suite Can Help You Stay
Secure, Available and Compliant

This technical webcast of Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite
will show how you can manage the entire lifecycle of your client
devices and at the same time reduce help desk call times, increase the
success rates of your deployments, and ensure your mobile workforce is
as protected as those inside your firewall.



Can't keep up with security? Then outsource IT!

Last week's CW article reinforces what I've been proselytizing: the need to be
proactive rather that reactive about computer security. Averting a crisis, as
opposed to repairing its aftermath is always the preferred tactic. So why are
smaller companies falling ...


Encryption is NOT a panacea

Well, things seem to have quieted down a bit in the "Raiders of the Lost Data"
saga we were all experiencing over the last few months, but I'm sure it's FAR
from over. When all of these stories were geting a lot of press... Time Warner,
Bank of America, Citigroup and the list goes on, there were countless calls for
encryption of backup tapes ...


Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task

A recent article in NewsFactor Technology News seems to forget the first rule in
records retention is CONTENT, not CONTAINER. All decisions for retention of
information, irrespective of media, form or format are based on the content of
the information.


Tell me or tell me not?

Linux purists will tell you that an important security benefit of using open
source software is that it has fewer flaws since you've got the entire IT
community available to freely examine the software code for vulnerabilities.
This brings to mind the issue of pointing out newly discovered ...


Secure, Protect and Manage your Instant Messaging
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Policy Management vs Vulnerability Scanning
Which is right for you? Vulnerability scanning products test for known
vulnerabilities. Policy management products are pro-active by locking
the doors in advance of a possible attack. Click to request our white

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________COMPUTERWORLD SECURITY WATCH________________________

Cyberterrorism & Security: New Definitions for New Realities

In the post-9/11 world, national security isn't just the government's
problem. According to author Dan Verton, the country's private
companies are an integral part of the public infrastructure and are
viewed by terrorists as weak links that can potentially be attacked.
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Build a security plan to protect your company's assets. In this
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