Monday, August 29, 2005

Microsoft Delays Team Tool As Users Look To Collaborate

Computerworld Application/Web Development
August 29, 2005


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In this issue:

* Microsoft Delays Team Tool As Users Look To Collaborate
* Q&A: Rational Exec Explains App Life-cycle Management Focus
* Study Finds Many IT Failures In Ontario
* Australian Electoral Commission Eyes Open-source Voting
* Brief: Progress Product Embraces Eclipse

Computerworld Blogs:

* The productivity benefits of virtual meetings


Microsoft Delays Team Tool As Users Look To Collaborate

Microsoft has delayed shipping the Team Foundation Server piece of VS
2005 Team System, holding back its entry into the growing market for
collaborative development tools. Such products range from configuration
management tools to blogging software.,4902,104211,00.html?nlid=APP


Q&A: Rational Exec Explains App Life-cycle Management Focus

Lee Nackman, vice president of product development at Rational
Software, talks about his company's application life-cycle management
strategy, plans to work with IBM Tivoli and Microsoft's new team
development tools.,4902,104199,00.html?nlid=APP


Study Finds Many IT Failures In Ontario

A study by a government appointed task force found that some 40% of all
IT projects undertaken by the government in Ontario fail to meet



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Australian Electoral Commission Eyes Open-source Voting

The Australian Electoral Commission is considering open-source for its
next-generation voting application.,4902,104121,00.html?nlid=APP


Brief: Progress Product Embraces Eclipse

Progress Software Corp. announced that it has joined the Eclipse
Foundation open-source community and introduced new Eclipse-based
development tools.,4902,104084,00.html?nlid=APP


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The productivity benefits of virtual meetings

Conventional wisdom is that an in-person meeting is always better than a virtual
meeting (which uses collaboration tools). But David Ferris at Ferris Research,
a research firm covering messaging and collaboration, begs to differ. He says
that "virtual working has some big productivity advantage ...


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