Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Microsoft Releases Windows File System Beta

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August 30, 2005


The Grid Computing Glossary

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acronyms, and concepts. This comprehensive glossary provides a
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In this issue:

* Microsoft Releases Windows File System Beta
* Microsoft Delays Team Tool As Users Look To Collaborate
* Windows XP Also Has Plug-and-play Vulnerability
* Microsoft Puts Price On Virtual Server Upgrade
* Microsoft To Release Antiphishing Tool Before IE 7
* Microsoft To Promote LCS Integration Into Business Apps
* MSN Messenger Worm Works In Multiple Languages

Microsoft Releases Windows File System Beta

Microsoft has released a test version of its next-generation file
system, WinFS, to Microsoft Developer Network subscribers. The software
wasn't expected until sometime next year.



Microsoft Delays Team Tool As Users Look To Collaborate

Microsoft has delayed shipping the Team Foundation Server piece of VS
2005 Team System, holding back its entry into the growing market for
collaborative development tools. Such products range from configuration
management tools to blogging software.



Windows XP Also Has Plug-and-play Vulnerability

Some PCs running Windows XP Service Pack 1 are also vulnerable to the
Zotob worm, Microsoft said.



Microsoft Puts Price On Virtual Server Upgrade

Microsoft said it will release an R2 upgrade of its Virtual Server 2005
virtualization software by year's end, a shift from its earlier plan to
offer the upgrade to users as a free service pack.



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Microsoft To Release Antiphishing Tool Before IE 7

Microsoft plans to release an antiphishing tool before the release of
the next version of its Web browser, Internet Explorer 7, as an add-on
to the MSN Search Toolbar.



Microsoft To Promote LCS Integration Into Business Apps

Microsoft is launching an effort to promote the integration of
capabilities from its enterprise IM system with business applications.



MSN Messenger Worm Works In Multiple Languages

A new worm affecting MSN Messenger checks a users' Windows client and
sends message in their native language.



Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers

Installing blade servers in an existing data center creates a
bewildering set of challenges and options. Let APC guide you through
the process! This paper explains how to evaluate the options and select
the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable
blade deployment.




Roundup of some more good Windows tools and tips

Here's some quick links to some tools and tips you may or may not have seen. On
Digital Inspiration, they pointed to a very small app that allows you to select
a window in Windows and make it stay on top. This is particularly useful for
those of us who are really annoyed by Windows' behavior when ...



Antispyware software cause application error on PC

Worked on a laptop today that was getting the following error on bootup:
"explorer.exe Application Error -- The instruction at "0x734305be" referenced
memory at "0x734305be". The memory could not be "written"." The apoint.exe
application, that is part of the Alps trackpoint/touchpad driver on the system,
also was failing at bootup. Was nothing really else to go on.



Active Directory design distilled

Over on A Plumber's Confessions, there's a post about designing an Active
Directory implementation in 90 seconds. Well OK, it might take you 10 minutes. 9
to read the post and 1 to do the design. At any rate, a great read for anyone
who's been trying to wrap their head around AD design for their ...



Conspiracy theories in the digital age?

The blog "conversation" that I had last week with Martin MC Brown was certainly
interesting and it's those types of discussions that get my juices going at the
same time that I learn about possibilities and viewpoints that are different
from my "box", my typical dealings, if you will. One thing that I've noticed,
though, anytime you start talking about large seemingly "monolithic"
organization ...



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