Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Microsoft Responds to Google Talk

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Microsoft Responds to Google Talk
By Sean Michael Kerner - August 26, 2005
Redmond launches new MSN Messenger 7.5 the same day as GoogleTalk is launched.

Microsoft Brings Presence to Business Apps
By Dan Muse - August 25, 2005
UPDATED: Partners incorporate IM-style tools into heavy-duty enterprise applications.

Skype's Platform Open For New Apps
By Colin C. Haley - August 24, 2005
The IP telephony player lets developers integrate its IM and presence into their Web sites and applications.

Google IM Not Talking to Other Jabbers
By Sean Michael Kerner - August 24, 2005
Newly-launched Google Talk IM service doesn't connect to other open source Jabber servers and users -- at least not yet.

In Any Language, IM Worm a Pain
By Tim Gray - August 24, 2005
A new virus that 'speaks' 10 languages makes the rounds.

Google Talk Unveiled a Day Early
By Michael Hall - August 24, 2005
Google's new Jabber-based IM/VoIP service was revealed but not announced late Tuesday.

Google to Launch Jabber-Based IM Service?
By Michael Hall - August 23, 2005
Published reports indicate Wednesday may be launch day for a new, Jabber-based IM/VoIP service from Google.

Review: Pop Goes the IM Server
By  - August 22, 2005
More than just an IM server, WiredRed's e/Pop 3.0 features chat, pop-up messaging, application sharing and presence information capabilities. The end result is a self-contained and cost-effective way to exploit the advantages of IM.

Antepo Makes a Federated Case for AIM
By Dan Muse - August 19, 2005
The instant messaging platform vendor next week will release OPN System XT, which is designed to provide built-in, federated connectivity to the AOL Global Messaging Network.

The Third Wave of Security Appliances
By Tim Gray - August 17, 2005
A new device from Akonix guards corporate networks against IM and peer-to-peer threats

Understanding SIP—Part IV: Describing the SIP Session
By Mark A. Miller - August 16, 2005
In setting up a voice or video session, SIP transmits a detailed 'description' of the session using—you guessed it—a bevy of subsidiary protocols, such as SAP and SDP. Read all about it.

VoIP over Instant Messaging? It's Coming - and It's BIG!
By Sean Michael Kerner - August 15, 2005
With nearly 900 million IM accounts in play, will VoIP-over-IM obliterate all competition?

New Mac Messenger Ties Into LCS 2005
By Michael Hall - August 9, 2005
Microsoft's new Messenger client for Apple's OS X accentuates the corporate aspects of IM.

Security Firm Warns of IM Worm
By Tim Gray - August 9, 2005
Akonix says Chode-D is moving rapidly over public IM networks and could hijack users' computers.

IM Threats Bombard Systems
By Tim Gray - August 4, 2005
Akonix reports that the increase in attacks has enterprises on guard.

Greynet Applications Cast Black Cloud
By Dan Muse - August 2, 2005
Survey results indicate that enterprise network users are increasingly adding unauthorized IM, peer-to-peer, collaboration and other 'graynet' applications. And the effects are costing businesses plenty.

Understanding SIP - Part III: Message Formats
By Mark A. Miller - July 27, 2005
Like HTTP, SIP operation is based on a request/response model. Like SMTP, each SIP message is headed by an email-address-like identifier. A series of methods and Status Codes specify purposes and procedures.

IM Accounts to Number in the Billions
By Sean Michael Kerner - July 22, 2005
Instant messaging use is expected to increase over the next four years with a growing percentage of use by enterprises as well as the general public, according to estimates from the Radicati group.

Worm Strikes The Wrong Chord
By Tim Gray - July 21, 2005
It invades AIM under cover of Apple's iTunes.

AOL Invites Users to Try On Triton
By Michael Hall - July 19, 2005
AOL's next-generation IM client is in its third beta release, inviting users to try out a one-stop communications tool.

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