Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Sendmail Webcast Today: Weathering a Perfect Storm: Protecting your Email Network with a Layered Security Architecture

Enterprise email networks have become enormously complex, with
multiple layers and a variety of products from multiple vendors. Many
companies are finding their email infrastructure is costly to manage,
inflexible, and still doesn't provide the security they need against
constantly evolving threats.

A well-designed email architecture can help address these issues. We
invite you to attend today's featured webcast to learn:

- The 4 basic layers of email security architecture
- Typical security gaps in complex email networks, and how to fix
- Best practices to improve email security in a multi-vendor
- And more

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TITLE: Weathering a Perfect Storm: Protecting your Email Network
with a Layered Security Architecture
WHEN: TODAY! August 17, 2005 at 2:00 PM EDT (1800 GMT)
SPEAKER: John Ore, Director of Product Management
SPEAKER: Michael Donnelly, Project Manager, Sendmail Consulting
SPONSOR: Sendmail, Inc.

ATTEND THIS LIVE VENDOR WEBCAST TODAY!,,44613,00.htm?track=NL-100&ad=525942
NOTE: To access this webcast, you must: Disable pop up blockers;
Disable firewalls blocking streaming media/audio.

As an enterprise IT manager, your biggest email headache today is
viruses. Yesterday it was spam. Tomorrow it will be Denial of Service
attacks. Or perhaps customer privacy, regulatory compliance or
employee misuse of email will consume your time and attention.

You've responded to constant threats and risks with a variety of
point products, both at your gateway and inside your network. The
result: an email infrastructure that is enormously complex, costly to
manage and not ready to protect your business when the next email
security crisis inevitably hits.

The truth is, no single product is a silver bullet. Large enterprises
with complex networks need to take an architectural approach to email
security. During this webcast we show you how.

If your email security architecture needs a closer look, join us for
this revealing discussion, including an opportunity for live Q&A.
ATTEND TODAY:,,44613,00.htm?track=NL-100&ad=525942

--------------------- SPONSORED BY: SENDMAIL, INC. -----------------
Sendmail, Inc. is a global provider of email security infrastructure
for large enterprises that depend on email to run their business.
More than half of the Fortune 100 rely on Sendmail products to manage
and protect their email networks.

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John Ore
Director of Product Management

John Ore is Sendmail's director of product management for the
company's email infrastructure and security solutions, and has 13
years of marketing and product management experience in the data
communications and enterprise software industries. Prior to joining
Sendmail, John held a variety of senior product management and
marketing positions at companies such as MCI Systemhouse (now EDS),
MCI Telecommunications, Grand Central Networks and NorthPoint

Michael Donnelly
Project Manager, Sendmail Consulting Services

With twenty years experience in systems administration and IT
consulting, Michael Donnelly has been involved with the design and
deployment of email infrastructures at every level. As project
manager for the Sendmail consulting team, Donnelly is responsible for
a team of highly motivated, experienced consultants who work with
each customer to develop and deploy complete email solutions to meet
customers' specific needs.

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