Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Webcast: Integrating wired and wireless

Register for today's live webcast, "Integrating wired and wireless"
and learn about the latest in wireless technologies and how to choose
the right technologies for increased productivity and payback within
your organization.

TITLE: Integrating wired and wireless
WHEN: Premieres TODAY! August 16, 2005 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
SPEAKER: Jack Gold, Founder and Principal Analyst, J.Gold Associates

NOTE: To access this webcast, you must: Disable pop up blockers;
Disable firewalls blocking streaming media/audio.

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Almost any organization, from a business to government, can benefit
from adopting wireless mobile computing solutions. Benefits come in
ways you might expect, as in higher productivity; and in ways you
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Security has always been a primary concern of enterprises deploying
wireless LANs. With the implementation of the 802.11i standard, new
HW, and enhanced management capabilities, there has been a
re-invigorated interest in the design and implementation of wireless
LANs in many organizations with the need to keep mobile workers
always connected. Yet much confusion remains. This webcast will
provide an overview of the latest in wireless technologies and detail
how the right deployment of technologies can lead to secure,
integrated, and supportable wireless networks that can be the
foundation of building mobile solutions in your organization that
enhance productivity, create and extend business models, and provide
real payback to the organization.

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Mr. Gold has over 35 years in the computer and electronics
industries, including work in imaging, multimedia, technical
computing, consumer electronics, software development and
manufacturing systems. He is a leading authority on mobile, wireless
and pervasive computing, advising clients on business analysis,
strategic planning, architecture, product evaluation/selection and
enterprise application strategies. Before founding J. Gold
Associates, he spent 12 years with META Group as a Vice President in
Technology Research Services. He also held positions in technical and
marketing management at Digital Equipment Corp. and Xerox. Mr. Gold
has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of
Technology and an MBA from Clark University.

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