Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New White Paper: Best Practices for Secure Console Port Management

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Managing network equipment and distributed branch offices can be
challenging for IT administrators who seek to maximize their time and
budget. The key to staying in control of remote devices and systems
is to provide IT administrators with the right tools to take
immediate action from anywhere. Read this white paper "Best
Practices for Secure Console Port Management in the Data Center" to
discover how to effectively manage multiple devices from a single
graphical user interface using console management solutions over IP

Download this white paper here:,,45151,00.htm?track=NL-441&ad=527015

This white paper examines secure console port management solutions
for accessing and managing data center devices through in-band and
out-of-band connections. Explore the benefits of virtual crash cart
access and remote management tools to maximize productivity and save
money in today's IT infrastructure environment. You'll gain insights
into a variety of console port management tools which are shaping the
way data center administrators access and manage business critical
devices. Learn how you can stay in control with:

** Virtual crash cart access: Console port management tools
** New technologies in console redirection: IPMI and Serial over LAN
** Management software for remote device control from a single
** Network/server administrator features and benefits
** Senior management features and benefits
** Combining serial, power management, and KVM over IP

Download this white paper:,,45151,00.htm?track=NL-441&ad=527015


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