Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New White Paper: Better Storage Solutions for Microsoft Exchange

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Read this featured white paper, "Better Storage Solutions for
Microsoft Exchange," today on SearchStorage.com.

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Find out how your business can capitalize on the new powerful and
easy-to-manage iSCSI Ethernet storage!

Email access is required 24x7 and volume is growing at an
unprecedented rate. With the continued increase in email volume comes
an explosion in storage capacity needs, a growth of isolated groups
of storage and server solutions, administrative difficulties, and
escalating infrastructure costs. If you are looking for a solution to
increase storage and decrease administrative costs -- look no

You'll discover how the new cost-effective, powerful, and easy-to-use
HP ProLiant Storage Server iSCSI Feature Pack solution improves ROI
by enabling Exchange Server 2003 databases, transaction logs, and
other Exchange files, such as SMTP mailroot, to be stored on HP
ProLiant Storage Servers running Windows Storage Server 2003.
Discover how to:

** Combine file, print, and block storage services on a single HP
iSCSI Storage Server platform using your existing Ethernet
** Take advantage of the simplification of storage consolidation and
manage more data with less staffing
** Simplify monitoring and storage allocation for Microsoft Exchange
by reducing process steps and automating best practices
** Increase computing infrastructure utilization for better overall
system performance

Download here:


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