Monday, August 29, 2005

New White Paper: Enhance the Value of Your IT Infrastructure

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Read this featured white paper, "Creating a Competitive Edge: Driving
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Adoption with
Role-Based Solutions" today and learn how your organization can use
possibly under utilized resources to drive productivity and enhance
the business value of IT infrastructure.

Download this white paper here:,,45044,00.htm?track=NL-336&ad=526738


While the business challenges for IT have not changed dramatically in
the past several years, the shift in business climate has impacted
the way companies are addressing those challenges. Workers are under
increasing pressure to produce more results with fewer resources.
While a portion of their work is still done alone, their success
increasingly depends on effective collaboration and networking.
Businesses are also changing. They are more dispersed geographically.
Work is increasingly distributed among different entities, who have
to be coordinated to be effective

In this environment, IT has to address productivity on all levels.
Individuals are constantly demanding access to the information and
tools that they need to conduct their business. Teams are looking for
ways to work more effectively together. There is a need to implement
robust communication channels with dial tone reliability, as well as
to secure the environment and to protect the increasingly digitized
intellectual property of an organization.

This white paper details how to leverage existing IT infrastructure
and role specific information to create an edge, drive productivity,
and optimize collaboration. In terms of getting the information to
the right person, in the right place, at the right time,
collaboration tools such as SharePoint Portal Server 2003 can provide
the answer to providing an environment where employees can share
credible information in an easy to use format they find valuable and
useful in their every day jobs.

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