Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New White Paper: Preventing Money Laundering with the Right Database Backup Tools

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As the threat of money laundering seems omnipresent, the challenge in
building ant-money laundering (AML) controls is easiest when using a
reliable technology platform as the foundation---especially when it
comes to preventing fraud throughout your storage and data management

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Download the latest Quest Software white paper, "Protecting
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software Rules," to learn how your
organization can protect itself against database backup fraud. In
this white paper, learn:

** What are the key steps in the money laundering process
** The organizational controls needed to build an AML framework
** How the use of software solutions and a reliable technology
platform can solve this challenge
** How the right SQL Server solutions can protect your application
rules engines----an often overlooked weakness in any enterprise
** How database backup file encryption technology can render SQL
Server database content inaccessible

Download the new Quest Software white paper to understand the steps
to money laundering, how to build a control framework and leveraging
the right technology to prevent fraud the use of database backup file


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