Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New White Paper: Protecting the Extended Enterprise Network

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Read this featured white paper, "Protecting the Extended Enterprise
Network: Security Strategies and Solutions from ProCurve Networking,"
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It is no longer adequate to have exclusively centralized, host-based
security with Internet firewalls and intrusion detection. Today's
enterprises need a security strategy that includes detection and
enforcement at every point of network access, for all user types.
This means providing intelligent access services at the edge of the
network, where users connect - whether it is via a switch in a wiring
closet or a wireless access point. Network and policy management,
however, must remain centrally managed for crucial control.

This paper provides and overview of the infrastructure security
issues executives and IT managers face as enterprise networks become
more public, more converged and more mobile. It also outlines new
security strategies, the ProCurve Security Framework and the
advantages of providing secure access control at the network edge.

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