Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New White Paper: Raymond James Financial Experiences Growth, Agility Using HP

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This white paper case study reviews how, with HP servers, Raymond
James Financial successfully reduced costs and increased IT

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The financial services industry is among the most intensely
scrutinized and heavily regulated sectors of the American economy
today. It is also one of the most dynamic. Change is the one constant
in the continually evolving financial services industry market.
That's why it's vital for financial institutions to reduce costs and
increase IT performance wherever and whenever possible -- all while
building a more agile information technology infrastructure.

At Raymond James Financial, IT has long played a critical role in the
company's performance. Delivering solid financial advice to investors
requires rapid access to the right information, from detailed market
reports to real time updates of a client's accounts. Second by
second, minute by minute, IT not only provides management with tools
and insight to run the company, but actually drives every service
Raymond James offers. And all at an accelerating pace.

Having standardized on HP servers, Raymond James uses a wide range of
systems from the HP ProLiant family to HP NonStop and 64-bit HP
Integrity Superdome servers. It relies on 24x7 hardware maintenance
for the ProLiant and NonStop servers, and HP Proactive-24 support for
Integrity Superdome servers.

HP has been powering high-volume, business-critical systems at
Raymond James and throughout the financial services industry for more
than 20 years. Having a broad portfolio of HP products to choose from
gives Raymond James the agility to adapt quickly to change, and the
vision to employ the best technology for its needs.

Download here:,,45107,00.htm?track=NL-470&ad=526843


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