Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New White Paper Roundup: Improve patch management and avoid data disruption

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1. The Ideal Security Patch Process: An ITIL-based, Best Practices

2. Avoid Data Disruption: Business Continuity and NYSE Rule 446

The Ideal Security Patch Process: An ITIL-based, Best Practices
Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.
Security patching tools alone are often not enough. In today's
heavily regulated environment, organizations need to improve their
security by implementing processes that will help achieve a robust,
consistent and enforceable patch management process.

This white paper paper, outlines an ideal patch management process
based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and COBIT process control
concepts. Read more about the following:

** How ITIL can help you with security patch management
** Threat assessment guidelines
** And IT process auditing tips for compliance

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Avoid Data Disruption: Business Continuity and NYSE Rule 446
Sponsored by: Quest Software
As the cultural and political volatility has rendered corporate
America's climate unpredictable, an effective business continuity
plan ("BCP") has become a critical component to sustain the ability
to continue operations in times of crisis. For this reason, the NYSE
created Rule 446--requiring members to develop, implement,
document and disclose to investors their business continuity plans.
Organizations must protect vital data--compliance with NYSE Rule 446
and development of an effective business continuity plan are

What is needed to avoid any data disruption and develop an effective
BCP? This white paper highlights the following:

** Business continuity and its effect on an organization's datacenter
** The role of NYSE Rule 446 and its critical components
** Critical characteristics of compliant business continuity plans
** Compliance with NYSE Rule 446
** Exploration and selection of the right technology to use in times
of crisis
** How LiteSpeed can assist an organization's data backup and
recovery efforts

Access to clean database backups is vital to continuity. Selection
of the right technology will prevent business disruptions and provide
financial stability. Compliance with Rule 446 is not optional.
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