Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New White Paper: Streamlining Regulatory Compliance with E-mail Encryption

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Read this featured white paper "Contributing to Regulatory Compliance
with E-mail Encryption," and learn how your organization can
streamline the critical process of regulatory and policy compliance:

The regulatory landscape---SOX, HIPAA, GLBA--- is wrought with
requirements designed to protect and secure information in all forms.
E-mail, the primary means enterprises choose to communicate, can be
simplified through the process of encryption by applying e-mail
policy at the gateway. This creates a transparent process to end
users and simplifies responsibilities for administrators. Whether
it's business-to-business encryption-----incorporating several
different technologies for encrypting messages, or
business-to-consumer-----involving the need to communicate with those
who do not possess encryption/decryption capabilities, the end result
delivers a safer, more secure environment. To guarantee both a secure
and interoperable encryption solution, multiple encryption options
should be provided in a single platform, reducing the need for IT
staffs to manage multiple products. Secure business communication
should be as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging.

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