Monday, August 29, 2005

New White Paper: Taneja Group on the Importance of Data Classification

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The importance of proper classification and management of
unstructured data is critical in helping organizations efficiently
manage data and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
As a result, a powerful new solutions category has emerged in the
past 12 months: Information Classification and Management (ICM).
The players in this space provide an entirely new level of
intelligence and control over server and storage-resident data within
the enterprise. By leveraging metadata and content information
originating from the data itself, Information Classification &
Management software solutions become the brains of the
next-generation data management infrastructure.

Download today's white paper to learn more about ICM:,,44926,00.htm?track=NL-263&ad=526498

Taneja Group will help you discover how Information Classification
and Management (ICM) solutions can meet the challenges in managing
unstructured data facing large corporations: poor visibility, risk
exposure, poor data control and poor file server and storage
utilization. ICM will quickly emerge to become a mandatory component
for advanced storage solutions.

ICM can play a powerful role automating processes as diverse as:

** Regulatory Compliance
** Corporate Security
** Information Governance
** Consolidation
** Storage Tiers
** ILM

Discover an industry defining example of what the ICM category will
look like over the next 18 months: full metadata and content indexing
capabilities, rich policy management and advanced access/retrieval
functionality combined into one easy solution.

Learn more about the ICM category and the importance of data
classification in this Taneja Group "Technology in Depth" white
paper, available for download today. Click here to download:,,44926,00.htm?track=NL-263&ad=526498

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