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August 27, 2005


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#======= FEATURES =======#
Linux thrives in left-leaning Kerala

Kerala, a tiny coastal state in south India, is a site of significant
popularity of free software and GNU/Linux. What lessons can Kerala
teach other areas about using free and open source software?

Review: VidaLinux 1.2

Version 1.2 is the third official release of the Gentoo-based VidaLinux
OS (VLOS). The changes and enhancements to this edition are
significant, but not good enough to save this conceptually astute
operating system from failure. VidaLinux 1.2 is nice to play with, but
don't expect a comfortable, complete desktop experience a la SUSE or

An open source ghost story

This story began as a review of g4l, a Norton Ghost-type utility for
Linux. But that's not how it ended up. Instead it's a story of two open
source ghosts: g4u and g4l. As ghost stories go, this one is more sad
than scary: the tale of a bastard son refusing to recognize his
lineage, and of the resulting bad feelings on both sides of the
dispute. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.

#======= NEWSVAC =======#
What Is the X Window System

The X Window System (commonly referred to as X or X11) is a
network-transparent graphical windowing system based on a client/server
model. Primarily used on Unix and Unix-like systems such as Linux,
versions of X are also available for many other operating systems.
Although it was developed in 1984, X is not only still viable but also
is in fact the standard environment for Unix windowing systems.

Users: OSDL right to reject Windows/Linux TCO stud

The buzz with end users this week is that Open Source Development Labs
(OSDL) chose wisely when it rejected an allegedly independent
comparison of Linux and Windows.

The Rapid Rise, Release of Asianux 2.0

The Asianux 2.0 Linux distribution hit the streets of China and Korea
today, signaling the further rise of the joint Linux development effort
against competing Linux distributors such as Novell, Red Hat and Sun
Wah Linux.

Kévin Ottens: A Short Intro

I'm working on most of the newer ioslaves in KDE, namely : system:/,
media:/, remote:/, and trash:/ (only helped a bit). I've developed
their kicker applets counterparts. Moreover, I'm planning to be
involved into Plasma, even if I'm not really active currently. And
finally, I try to help with Tenor on the academic side, digging for
relevant academic references.

Copyright Office Criticized for Browser Bungle

"The motive behind limiting what browser you develop for is laziness,"
said Richard Stiennon, vice president of threat research for
anti-spyware maker Webroot. "If you develop Web applications, you must
develop to the W3C standards. You do not use Microsoft's proprietary
capabilities because you'll get caught in it later."

Version 5 of 'Linux in a Nutshell' hits the streets

O'Reilly Media has announced publication of the fifth edition of Linux
in a Nutshell, by Ellen Siever, Stephen Figgins, Aaron Weber, Robert
Love, and Arnold Robbins. The book covers all substantial user,
programming, administration, and networking commands for the most
common Linux distributions, the publisher said.

PC/104 module adds GSM, GPS to embedded Linux systems

Parvus has released a PC/104 module that combines a tri-band GSM/GPRS
modem with a 12-channel GPS receiver. The OrbiTrak GSM is aimed at
intelligent vehicle and airborne applications and is compatible with
most embedded operating systems, including embedded Linux, according to
the company.

FALL IDF: Microsoft to support Linux with Virtual Server

The next release of Microsoft Corp.'s Virtual Server product will
support the virtualization of both Linux and Sun Microsystems Inc.'s
Solaris operating systems on servers running the Microsoft Windows
operating system (OS), a company spokesman said in an interview

Embedded object database rides into limelight on GPL

Databases embedded in applications for mobile devices are based
increasingly on non-relational, open source software, according to
research sponsored by a company offering an object-oriented DBMS under
dual licenses. Db4objects says its db4o Java/.NET database has become
the "world's most popular object database" since it was released under
the GPL eight months ago.

WiFi endpoint authentication software gains features, flexibility

Meetinghouse has released a new version of its 802.1X WiFi
authentication platform for wireless network access devices. Version 4
of the AEGIS Authentication SDK (software development kit) adds
standards-based security control and flexibility, the company says, and
targets wireless access points, wired/wireless routers, and switches.

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