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August 30, 2005


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Customizing FVWM even more

In my last article on FVWM, the F Virtual Windows Manager, I wrote
about its basic setup, how to create a task bar, and how to create your
own menus. In this article I'll be looking at further ways of
customizing the windows manager to improve the basic desktop.

OSDL breaks silence on secret meetings with MS

Microsoft approached the Open Source Development Lab about conducting a
jointly-funded research study that would purportedly produce some
facts-based analysis and comparisons of the two operating systems. Both
Microsoft and the OSDL have been pretty tight-lipped about the
discussions held during a LinuxWorld meeting between Microsoft's
general manager of platform strategy, Martin Taylor, and the OSDL's CEO
Stuart Cohen. However, late last week the OSDL forwarded us a statement
from Cohen that explains some of the silence.

Open source UML editors lag proprietary leader

Normally when one decides to contribute to an open source project, the
first step is to download the sources and study them. This can be a
tedious job, especially if the project is large. It would be more
useful if the project leaders would provide a graphical representation
of the project, which would enable current contributors to keep an
overview of the developing software, and would help potential
contributors to see how each part of the software is interconnected
with other parts. Most commercial software developers provide such
graphical representation, and do so in a standard manner, with the
Unified Modeling Language (UML). However, only a minuscule number of
projects in SourceForge.net (which boasts of being the largest open
source projects repository) describe their software in UML. Part of the
reason may be that OSS UML editors are not up to the job.

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Rackspace Survey: Linux vs. Windows

"Linux use doesn't go beyond file servers or print servers because the
applications aren't there," said Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox.
Although the number of Linux-compatible applications is growing,
Windows still boasts more software offerings.

How Linux Could Overthrow Microsoft

For as long as most technologists can remember, there has been
"Wintel," the $250 billion industry dominated by Microsoft's Windows
operating systems and Intel's microprocessors. But "Lintel," or the
Linux operating system and Intel, is now encroaching on this empire,
and behind it is the entire open-source software movement, which
threatens to overthrow the Windows industry. Faced with this challenge,
Microsoft is showing classic symptoms of "incumbents' disease." Rather
than remaking itself, Microsoft is using legal threats, short-term
deals, and fear, uncertainty, and doubt to fortify its position. But
this strategy probably won't work. The Linux operating system and the
open-source model for software development are far from perfect, but
they look increasingly likely to depose Microsoft.

Revolutionary New Way To Buy Hosting

Gary Sims writes "Revolutionary New Way To Buy Linux Hosting

TimeSys Introduces First RYO Development Network

Anonymous Reader writes "TimeSys Introduces First Online Development
Network for “Roll-Your-Own” Embedded Linux Developers

Microsoft begins test of new Windows file system

Microsoft on Monday posted the first test version of a new Windows file

Setting up OpenOffice.org with Sun Java on FC4 64

Guest writes "Fedora Core 4 64 bit comes with GCJ as its default Java
Runtime Environment. Unfortunately OpenOffice.org 2.0 beta does not
work very well with GCJ. For example, the OpenOffice.org Base component
crashes when starting up because it tries to use GCJ for its Java
functionality. This article explains how to set up OpenOffice.org with
Sun's Java Runtime Environment."

Why REXX scripting is faster

Anonymous Reader writes "If you learn Rexx, you’ll know a scripting
language that runs everywhere from mainframes to handhelds—and
everything in between. This article shows you why the Rexx scripting
language is faster than developing code in traditional languages like
C++, Java, or COBOL. If you want to learn a quick way to develop
database scripts, start here. Rexx scripts not only manipulates DB2
data in the same manner as traditional languages, it can issue DB2
commands and use the administrative API to manage and control all
aspects of DB2."

KMyMoney Review

Mike L. writes "For those who are looking for a financial type program
to keep their income and expenditures in check, might have problem
finding a great program for Linux. Well look no more, KMyMoney is an
easy to use program that keeps track of your income\expenses and look
at reports to see where you could trim the fat off of your expenses to
make your bank account grow."

Open-source software

The Linux services market is expected to grow sixfold by 2009.

Pocketlinux: From Slack Blah to (KDE Light) Bling

Anonymous Reader writes "During my daily night cap on DistroWatch I
came across an interesting new Linux distribution called Pocketlinux. A
quick scan through the release announcement said 'pocketlinux is a new
Slackware-based distribution created by former developers of the Bonzai
Linux distribution. Its main features are a simplified Slackware
installer...' Whoa... okay I've read enough... where's the download
link? You have to understand that I install a lot of distros. I've
installed/Live CD booted a few Slackware based distros before like
slax, Mutagenix and GoblinX which were all pretty descent (especially
slax - nice job boys). When it comes to installing Slackware (here
comes the hate mail), I run the other way."

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