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August 31, 2005


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#======= FEATURES =======#
Manufacturer turns to open ERP software to run business

Moline Bearing manufactures and sells metal bearings from its factory
in St. Charles, Ill., and its warehouses in Mississippi, Texas,
Colorado, and California. Owner David Fauntleroy has discovered that
when it comes to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that
keeps his business running smoothly, the open source philosophy works

Software tools for creating panoramic images

You just got back from vacation, and the scenic vistas of Black Canyon
of the Gunnison and sunset on the Ganges that seemed so awe-inspiring
in person look flat and forgettable now that you're home looking at
them on your monitor or, worse yet, on 4x6-inch prints. Open source
software has some tools that can make your images come alive.

Vim's newest features

Vim, or "vi improved," is an open source text editor for multiple
platforms. This article gives an overview of vim's latest improvements
over vi.

#======= NEWSVAC =======#
Suse Linux for Power processors resurrected

Novell's OpenSuse project for broadening development of its Suse Linux
operating system product has led to the restoration of a version of the
product for PowerPC processors used in current Apple Computer machines.

Open-Source Project Aims At Middleware

The open-source community is aiming at another market. The Apache
Software Foundation last week launched its Synapse initiative, an
open-source effort that seeks to produce a common, standardized way to
broker services on a network. If the move results in viable open-source
code, it has the potential to challenge several commercial products,
such as IBM's WebSphereMQ, Tibco Software's Rendezvous, and webMethods'

The GNU/Linux User Show #13 is Online.

Jon Watson writes "This week’s show consists of an interview I had with
Richard M Stallman (RMS). Amongst other things, RMS is the founder of
both the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation. This show
presents an opportunity to learn a little bit about the heritage of
GNU/Linux and some background about ‘free as in speech’ software. Show

PSSC Labs Reaches Milestone of 400 Linux-Based Clusters Delivered

IRVINE, CA, Aug 29th, 2005 - PSSC Labs announced the completion and
delivery of their 400th Linux-based Beowulf cluster. The company's
PowerWulf brand of Linux clusters are currently installed and running
in the world's most prestigious computing environments. PSSC Labs
PowerWulf clusters can be found in many major academic institutions,
government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and small / medium sized

First KDE Appreciation Awards Announced

This year's aKademy saw a whole new innovation: The KDE Appreciation
Awards, also known as the "aKademy Awards". Their purpose is to
recognize outstanding contribution to the KDE community. The awards are
for best application, best contribution to KDE and the Jury's Choice
Award. The jury consisted of the well-known KDE hackers Aaron Seigo,
Brad Hards, David Faure and Matthias Ettrich. If you want to know who
the winners are, read on!

TechBookReport on 'Home Networking Simplified'

TBR writes "Installing and maintaining a home network is never a
one-off task. Those two PCs strapped together with a bit of cable?
They'll want to share a broadband connection. Or they'll want to be
joined by a couple more machines in other parts of the house. And they
great new printer? Hey, all the machines want to print to it. And where
does wireless fit into all these wires… Home networks, just like grown
up networks, tend to grow, mutate and become increasingly complex. If
you're tech-savvy and can speak IP like a native, that's fine, if
you're not and all you know about is what you see when you boot into
Windows then you're in for a rough ride. Hence the need for books like
'Home Networking Simplified'."

Linux/Unix e-mail flaw leaves systems open to attack

Two serious security flaws have turned up in software widely
distributed with Linux and Unix. The bugs affect Electronic Mail for
Unix (Elm), a venerable e-mail client still used by many Linux and Unix
systems administrators, and Mplayer, a cross-platform movie player that
is one of the most popular of its kind on Linux.

Windows to Linux Printing

A properly configured cross-platform printing environment can save you
time and money on hardware and maintenance. We'll show you how to set
it up.

Puppy Linux

Quick, nimble, and full of interesting tricks, but when it comes to the
innovative thinking behind this hand-crafted Linux release, Puppy is
not content simply to follow the Linux pack.

OCZ 1,100 Watts Power Supply Prototype

We've just happened to be in Silicon Valley and guess what? OCZ showed
us their latest prototype: a 1,100-watt power supply. In fact, it uses
two power supplies working in parallel inside the same housing.

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