Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Open-Source CRM Builds Commercial Support

Computerworld CRM
August 31, 2005


Learn how effective job scheduling and batch management can ensure
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In this issue:

* Open-Source CRM Builds Commercial Support
* The ASP Reincarnation
* Centralized Call Center Benefits Canadian Municipality

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Open-source CRM Builds Commercial Support

Built on the LAMP -- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP -- environment, SugarCRM
claims to have all the features of an enterprise CRM system -- without
the high licence fees.,4902,104280,00.html?nlid=CRM


The ASP Reincarnation

Software as a service is growing in popularity among large corporations
and small businesses alike for CRM and other applications.,4902,104282,00.html?nlid=CRM


Fighting over who owns the customer?

Getting a single view of your customers requires consistency and
cooperation across the enterprise. Without it, your business won't be
as productive or profitable. Register now for the FREE live e-seminar,
"Practical Guide to Customer Data Politics", brought to you by
Computerworld and CRM Magazine.


Centralized Call Center Benefits Canadian Municipality

Company ascribes call center satisfaction to its centralized,
coordinated, and consistent approach to customer service.,4902,104283,00.html?nlid=CRM


The Nokia 9300

Learn the fundamentals of mobile device security. Aimed at IT
professionals and decision makers who must provide secure mobile access
to corporate data systems, this paper focuses on the security and
device management features of the most advanced Nokia business devices
- the Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator.



TechExcel CRM
TechExcel CRM sets the standard for high-end CRM: powerful,
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TechExcel HelpDesk Software Suite
With both Windows and Web user interfaces, TechExcel HelpDesk provides
powerful solutions for help desk, Web forms, asset management, and
customer/employee Web portal functions.;3;32ae9;10d3;c3;1341;13f

Intuit Help Desk & Network Monitoring Software
Intuit provides Track-It! and Network Monitor - the leading help desk
and network management solutions for call tracking, IT asset
management, patch management, electronic software distribution, and
network performance monitoring. Free demo & trial;4;527fb;b529;c3;1341;13f

Fair Isaac Data Exploration & Management Solutions
Fair Isaac makes decisions smarter. Our analytic solutions improve
accuracy in segmenting populations and understanding buying patterns
and motivations. Our clients include 150+ retailers. Complex
technology, simple decision: Learn more.;5;510d4;a908;c3;1341;13f


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