Monday, August 29, 2005

[Osdir-daily] Pocketlinux: From Slack Blah to (KDE Light) Bling

[IMG:]During my daily night cap
on DistroWatch I came across an interesting new Linux distribution called
Pocketlinux. A quick scan through the release announcement said 'pocketlinux is
a new Slackware-based distribution created by former developers of the Bonzai
Linux distribution. Its main features are a simplified Slackware installer...'
Whoa... okay I've read enough... where's the download link?

You have to understand that I install a lot of distros. I've installed/Live CD
booted a few Slackware based distros before like slax, Mutagenix and GoblinX
which were all pretty descent (especially slax - nice job boys). When it comes
to installing Slackware (here comes the hate mail), I run the other way. It's
not that I can't do it, it's just that I like to work with my computer... not
on it. Oh I know... it's easy to install Slackware (yeah right). Sorry guys but
have a look around. Debian is even easy to install these days for goodness
sake, take a hint.

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