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August 26, 2005

Reap the benefits of migrating from Solaris to Linux on IBM's POWER Architecture. Get free Resources: Porting guides, Roadmaps, workshops, white papers, forums, access to hardware and technical support.Get started today!

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Moglen: Linux Trademark Needs to be Policed

The founding director of the Software Freedom Law Center says any
company in the U.S. using "Linux" as part of a name should sublicense
the mark.

The Linux v Windows debate is growing up

The old argument about which is cheapest, Linux or Windows, and which
is best for the enterprise, refuses to go away. In one camp live those
who are comfortable with a commercial licence which has its own
advantages and disadvantages, while in the other sit open source
proponents, who argue that the best products arrive via a collaborative

Diehards Refuse to Bury OS/2

"I look at it as, if it ain't broke, don't fix it," said OS/2 fan John
Edwards, adding that he still has OS/2 running on a 64-bit computer as
part of a network of three machines. Serenity Systems International, he
noted, has indicated it will continue support for eComstation into
2007. "IBM may be dropping the ball, but that doesn't mean everyone

Fun At Foo Camp

Guest writes "This year O'Reilly's Foo Camp remixed brainstorming
amongst peers. Focused yet relaxed discussions over a couple of days
resulted in ideas and solutions, strengthened social networks and
crystalized thoughts into next steps for all."

The Future is Open at OSCON

Alolita Sharma writes "The O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in
Portland this year witnessed more than 2000 hackers, geeks and
entrepreneurs. The vastness of the Portland Convention Center seemed to
engulf the close-knit open source community and made the event seem
both larger yet sparser than previous years. Nonetheless, the
excitement at the conference continued to reflect the phenomenal growth
of open source."

Mandriva Linux 2006 Beta 3 Reviewed

Mandriva Linux 2006 Beta 3 was quietly released on Tuesday. No mention
of the release is as of yet posted at, but a 3 ISO
set and a Mini CD are available for download.

Linux and MacOS X on X360?

The fastest Macintosh in the world right now should be a Microsoft X360
developer unit running a three-way, 3.2Ghz, PowerG5 successor on a
22.5GB/S bus. The only problem with it, of course, is that Microsoft's
nexus DRM implementation prevents it from running MacOS X.

'I am a Linux person using windows'

Dr Bob Hoekstra, CEO, Philips India Software What do you carry? My
comb. My mobile I often leave alone, the privacy intruder! My comb does
not ring and is useful.

Hitachi to unleash terabyte DVD recorder

Hitachi is thinking ahead to the days when people will want to save a
lot of high-definition television shows to watch later.

Linux/Unix e-mail flaw leaves system wide open

Two serious security flaws have turned up in software widely
distributed with Linux and Unix. The bugs affect Elm (Electronic Mail
for Unix), a venerable e-mail client still used by many Linux and Unix
sysadmins, and Mplayer, a cross-platform movie player that is one of
the most popular of its kind on Linux.

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Today's Column
Review: VidaLinux 1.2

Version 1.2 is the third official release of the Gentoo-based VidaLinux
OS (VLOS). The changes and enhancements to this edition are
significant, but not good enough to save this conceptually astute
operating system from failure. VidaLinux 1.2 is nice to play with, but
don't expect a comfortable, complete desktop experience a la SUSE or


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Reap the benefits of migrating from Solaris to Linux on IBM's POWER Architecture. Get free Resources: Porting guides, Roadmaps, workshops, white papers, forums, access to hardware and technical support.Get started today!
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