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ping: Wages war at EDS | A tough call for Australia | FBI makes Zotob arrests ...and more

ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
| Monday, August 29, 2005

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top stories
Wages war at EDS
US outsourcing behemoth EDS has again refused to meet with unions,
despite staff rejecting an industrial agreement that contained no
guarantee of pay rises.

A tough call for Australia
AUSTRALIANS pay more for their home telephone services than anywhere
else in the developed world, apart from Hungary.

FBI makes Zotob arrests
AUTHORITIES in Morocco and Turkey have arrested two men for unleashing
computer worms that disrupted networks across the world last week, the
FBI said.

Unwired chairman resigns
UNWIRED executive Peter Shore has resigned his post as chairman of the
wireless internet provider.

CSIRO $44m short of target
THE CSIRO has failed to attract financial support from industry for its
Flagships research program, in which the CSIRO collaborates with the
private sector and universities to tackle long-term problems of national

Charges over 'obscene' spam
THREE people were indicted and a fourth pleaded guilty to criminal
charges in the first case related to the transmission of obscene spam
emails under a 2003 US anti-spam law, officials said.

Spot checks on mobile porn
MALAYSIA has launched a crackdown on porn stored on mobile phones, with
police authorised to carry out random spot checks to catch culprits.

D&M quits MP3
JAPANESE audio electronics maker D&M said it will quit the market
for portable digital audio players, saying poor sales of its Rio line
was a drag on the company's bottom line.


news features
'Mashups' plot America
As Mark and Aaron Olsen combed the Utah mountains for a missing Boy
Scout last June, they worried that he might have been abducted by a sex
offender, following a spate of similar incidents in other US states.


Ultimate Pro Pinball
SINCE their abortive beginnings on the Atari 2600, pinball games have
often delivered intense and varied fun even if they haven't offered the
most in-depth interaction.


Sol's busy-signal syndrome
comment | NO one wants to talk about funding a truly national broadband
network, says Michael Sainsbury.


it jobs
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VoIP deadline extended

Intel shows 'Viiv'

Wages battle wounds Defence

Skin mag sues Google

Crackdown on hackers

Reveal Telstra shares

US fears China hackers

RFID gets local stripes

Award for hi-tech cops

Blighty key for Tech One

Mobile block in terror hotbed

Novell takes profit hit

Barnaby's backdown T3 green light

Profit rolls for

Intel bankrolls Unwired works


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