Thursday, August 25, 2005

Q&A: Sun Exec Sees Sales Revival From StorageTek Buy

Computerworld Storage Update
August 25, 2005


The Nokia 9300

Learn the fundamentals of mobile device security. Aimed at IT
professionals and decision makers who must provide secure mobile access
to corporate data systems, this paper focuses on the security and
device management features of the most advanced Nokia business devices
- the Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator.


In this issue:

* Q&A: Sun Exec Sees Sales Revival From StorageTek Buy
* Cutting Through The Hype Of Continuous Data Protection
* Format War Looks Inevitable Over Optical Disk
* Share Poll: Sarbanes-Oxley Seen As Biggest IT Time Waster
* Google Bypasses Browser To Search PC Drives, Web

Storage Blogs
* 'Innovative' but potentially DANGEROUS alternative
* ILM: Which flavor are YOU familiar with?

Other Resources:

Computerworld Report: Storage Strategies - - Practical advice about
saving money, protecting data and implementing information life-cycle
management. Free for a limited time.

Analyst Research: The Clipper Group on CLARiiON AX100

Q&A: Sun Exec Sees Sales Revival From StorageTek Buy

Mark Canepa, executive vice president of the Network Storage Products
Group at Sun Microsystems, expects a storage sales revival from
StorageTek's sales team once that company's acquisition is completed.,4902,104145,00.html?nlid=SU


Cutting Through The Hype Of Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection can protect high-transaction,
high-availability applications with no forgiveness for data loss.,4902,104128,00.html?nlid=SU


Format War Looks Inevitable Over Optical Disk

A format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the race to replace
DVD looks increasingly inevitable as time runs out for a compromise.,4902,104120,00.html?nlid=SU


Keeping the Customer in View
How well do you know your customers?

Accurate customer data directly impacts loyalty and business planning,
yet few companies update data regularly. Experts address the challenges
of ensuring a consistent, coherent customer view across the


Share Poll: Sarbanes-Oxley Seen As Biggest IT Time Waster

IBM users polled recently consider Sarbanes-Oxley compliance a major IT


Google Bypasses Browser To Search PC Drives, Web

Google is unveiling a computer and Web search tool designed to
help users manage e-mail, instant messages, news headlines and music on
their computers.,4902,104103,00.html?nlid=SU


How Symantec LiveState(tm) Client Management Suite Can Help You Stay
Secure, Available and Compliant

This technical webcast of Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite
will show how you can manage the entire lifecycle of your client
devices and at the same time reduce help desk call times, increase the
success rates of your deployments, and ensure your mobile workforce is
as protected as those inside your firewall.



'Innovative' but potentially DANGEROUS alternative

There is a new offering for storage being placed on the market. While it may
sound intriguing on the surface, it could be a dangerous means of storing data.

ILM: Which flavor are YOU familiar with?

Those of us in the Records and Information Management (RIM) profession have been
having a problem with the manner in which the storage industry (primary
interface has been with SNIA has hijacked the long-time term from RIM,
Information Life Cycle Management and given it a completely different "spin"
from their perspective.


Ready to implement Disk-based backup?
Quantum's DX100 won StorAge Magazine's Best Backup Hardware Product of
the Year, and that's not the only award. Speed of backup and recovery
is not all you'll gain from Quantum's disk-based backup products.;1;449e6;1131;c2;134e;13d

Way better than backup! - Continuous Protection
Free White Paper. TimeSpring's CDP software for Windows automatically
captures all changes in REAL TIME so you can recover from data loss,
corruption or security breaches in minutes. Analyze, report and test
data anytime without impacting operations.;2;49843;d4c;c2;134e;13d

Data Storage Consolidation: Free White Paper
ESG reports that over 75% of enterprise data resides at remote or
branch office locations. Learn how you can extend storage consolidation
savings and deliver centralized IT services and higher performance to
your end users with this free white paper.;3;531f0;b490;c2;134e;13d

Free Forrester WAFS Technology Report
Learn how Wide Area File Services (WAFS) deliver LAN-like data access
across your WAN, and enable global storage consolidation for the
distributed enterprise. Get Forrester's insights and the criteria you
need to select the right WAFS technology.;4;50794;a701;c2;134e;13d

Applications Go 25x faster with Solid State Disk
Texas Memory Systems solid state disks are The World's Fastest
Storage(R), with certified results by the Storage Performance Council.
Fill in a short information form for a free whitepaper, Increase
Application Performance With Solid State Disk.;5;44b44;db8;c2;134e;13d


"Where Is Storage Infrastructure Going?"
How should storage managers tackle storage virtualization projects?
EMC's Mark Lewis, speaking at last fall's SNW conference in Orlando,
says managers should start by identifying storage pain points before
attempting practical innovation. View this free webcast.

"Optimizing a TV Supply Chain"

Television is the most bandwidth-intensive mass medium and presents
unique storage and delivery challenges. In this case study from last
year's SNW conference, Andre Mendes of PBS discusses his organization's
approach to managing storage resources. View this free webcast.


Find the latest reports that detail how IT professionals can build
storage that meets their company goals. The information you need to
get the job done, on time and on budget. In the Computerworld store


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